If Conservatives Had Their Way

by Ben Hoffman

If conservatives had their way…

National parks would be privatized and open for commercial development. The wealthy would have homes perched along the rims of the Grand Canyon. Dams would be built. Sides of pristine mountains would be strip mined.

Our skies would be full of soot from deregulated factory pollution. Smoke would pour out of tail pipes.

Our rivers would be full of sewage after dumping restrictions were repealed.

Highways would be privatized and we’d have to pay tolls everywhere we went. Bridges, also.

The Post Office would be privatized. It would cost $15 to mail a letter to an out of the way location. Mail would no longer be reliable since all the post office workers would be paid pennies a day, since minimum wages would have been repealed.

Garbage would be dumped anywhere and everywhere except for on the property of the wealthy.

Small businesses wouldn’t have a chance since monopolies would dominate all industries.

Religion would replace science, except for in big money making industries.

Tap water would be unsafe to drink. We’d all have to buy our water.

Social Security would be eliminated. Elderly people who had no means of support would be begging on the streets.

Political parties would be eliminated. Instead we’d choose which corporation we’d want to run the country.

We’d all have to pray to Jesus every day, only we’d be praying that God would take us out of the sh*thole this country had become.

9 Comments to “If Conservatives Had Their Way”

  1. My reaction to this was weird…I laughed, but then felt bad about laughing because it’s so scary!

  2. So having the government in control of who lives and who dies and how they live is a much better option. And you’re not engaging in hyperbole, now are you…:)

    • You’re getting your “facts” from Glenn Beck and his ilk.

      News flash! There are no death panels in any of the health care reform proposals! But there are death panels in private insurance. You see, they make a bigger profit if they don’t pay for your treatment.

  3. Hmmmm….it’s the liberals that are proposing a new “fairness doctrine” to stifle opposing views. It’s the liberals that are proposing new hate speech legislation where THEY can define what is and isn’t hate speech and put you in prison for what you say. It’s the liberals that passed laws giving the government the right to take your property in the name of “community development”….yet you spew that it’s the republicans that want to take away rights. Dude, you need to seriously start looking at the stuff your guys want and be very afraid.

    • And conservatives are proposing authoritarianism, censorship, corporatism, a theocratic government… Mainstream conservatives are far more radical than even the most extreme left.

      I was afraid for our country when Republicans were in charge, and rightly so. Look at all the damage they caused. They destroyed our economy, they made us militarily weak and effete, they destroyed our standing in world affairs, they moved almost all our manufacturing overseas, ran up the national debt, had huge deficits…

      Hunt, I’m getting tired of reading your sheepish comments. If you want to follow blindly, thats your prerogative, but it’s not good for our country.

  4. I have to call you on this. I want to see the proof that conservatives have proposed censorship. I can prove that the dems are proposing the fairness doctrine and the hate speech bill. Can you provide proof of your ramblings?

    • What are you, kidding me? Republicans have censored scientific reports on global warming, they’ve tried to censor kids programs on PBS, they wouldn’t allow the caskets of soldiers to be shown in the media… They want “intelligent design” to be taught as science, which is the equivalent to censorship because it diminishes the definition of science.

      And there’s no serious attempt to restore the fairness doctrine. With all the available media outlets, there’s not really a need for it.

      We already have hate speech laws on the books. They just need to be enforced. People have been murdered by nut-jobs who were pushed over the edge in part from the hate speech coming out of right-wing pundits such as Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, and O’Reilly.

  5. Yea, they don’t want government run public broadcasting to show programming that’s liberal brainwashing. And disagreeing with the myth of global warning isn’t blocking it. And on hate speech, this is where we disagree. It’s called personal responsibility…words don’t kill people, and hearing a speech doesn’t take the responsibility away from the idiot that decides to act on the speech. We have the right to say anything we want without it being a crime. This is where you libs are so messed up…always wanting to blame others for someone’s actions.

  6. And yes, there is a serious attempt under way to push not only the fairness doctrine, but also internet censorship. Your liberal heros in action!! When you can’t win in the arena of facts and logic, pass laws that squash it.

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