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May 8, 2017

Trump Violated U.S. Security

by Ben Hoffman

Trump was warned about Michael Flynn, not once but TWICE, and he still appointed him National Security Advisor. That shows total disregard for our nation’s security.

May 6, 2017

Stephen Colbert’s Anti-Trump Rant

by Ben Hoffman

“Mr. President, you’re not the POTUS, you’re the ‘gloat-us.’ You’re the glutton with the button. You’re a regular ‘Gorge Washington.’ You’re the ‘presi-dunce,’ but you’re turning into a real ‘prick-tator.’

Sir, you attract more skinheads than free Rogaine. You have more people marching against you than cancer. You talk like a sign-language gorilla that got hit in the head. In fact, the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c–k holster.”

~ Stephen Colbert

May 2, 2017

Republicans are taking away our freedoms

by Ben Hoffman
  • Republicans are against the legalization of marijuana and are trying to take away state’s rights to legalize it. They are even against decriminalizing it!
  • Republicans are trying to take away a woman’s right to choose to get an abortion, which is guaranteed by the Constitution.
  • Republicans are taking away our freedom from religion. The anti-abortion argument is 100% based on religion.
May 1, 2017

Trump and His White Supremacists

by Ben Hoffman
  • Sebastian Gorka, who was one of Trump’s national security advisors, is a member of a Hungarian Nazi group.
  • Steve Bannon ran the Breitbart website, which is home to the alt-right movement — a white-supremacist movement.
  • White-supremacist “reporters” Mike Cernovich and Cassandra Fairbanks recently made a hand sign in the White House that is used to signify “white power.”