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June 27, 2017

More Proof That Conservatives Hate Our Constitution

by Ben Hoffman

burning constitution.jpgDozens of GOP bills have been ruled unConstitutional in just the past few years. Donald Trump has been in continuous violation of our Constitution since the moment he took office.

Article I, Section IX of the Constitution forbids the president from receiving a “present” or “emolument … of any kind whatever” from a foreign state. It was meant to limit influence by foreign entities.

Trump hasn’t removed himself from his business empire, which every president before has done. He profiting from his position as president. The latest example is the trademarks that had been pending pending in China for years but were approved last week. How convenient.

Trump is stealing business from other domestic hotels and restaurant in exchange for favors from other countries.

The Constitution says that emoluments from foreign governments may not be received “without the consent of the Congress.” Because Congress has not given its approval for the money flowing into the president’s business interests, he is in violation of the Constitution.

Trump is being sued for violating the Constitution, but he claims that he is above the law and can’t be sued.

What to do about it? Spit in the face of a Trump supporter.