Sarah Palin’s New Book Going Rogue: My Life as Carrie’s Mom – Exclusive Excerpt!!!

by Ben Hoffman

Yes, the Drudge Retort has an exclusive excerpt from Sarah Palin’s new autobiography!

When Tommy Ross asked my daughter Carrie to the prom, I forbade it, but Carrie fought back on prom night. When I tried to prevent her from going, Carrie threw me against the bed and ran out the door. After she left, I lit dozens of candles and gazed out the window at Russia, waiting for her return.

Carrie came home after the Prom covered with blood. She washed herself in the tub before putting on a nightgown. I waited behind the bathroom door and tried to comfort her. I told Carrie about the night she was conceived. Me and Todd got it on real good that night, don’t you know.

4 Comments to “Sarah Palin’s New Book Going Rogue: My Life as Carrie’s Mom – Exclusive Excerpt!!!”

  1. She’s not running for anything, and she’s no longer governor. Yet she keeps you liberals up at night! Hilarious!

  2. Yea, I’m so angry that she’s already shot to the top of the best seller list before the book is released. I’ll let you in on a secret…I’m not a Palin supporter. I think she’s cute, has a great smile…but not the person I would support for president.

  3. Sarah Palin is a moron. She such a dumb ass that calling her a moron is an insult to morons everywhere.

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