If Conservatives Had Their Way – Part II

by Ben Hoffman

If conservatives had their way…

All news media outlets would be required to “report” only information that supported the right-wing agenda. Dissenters would be imprisoned and deemed un-American.

They would filter out Web content not approved by the corporate government.

Many books would be banned, especially books considered to be blasphemy by the government.

The Executive branch of government would have unlimited power and could create laws without support of Congress.


If Conservatives Had their Way – Part I

6 Comments to “If Conservatives Had Their Way – Part II”

  1. And The Ministry of Truth we have now with their Liberal Socialist bias is better?

  2. Rush Limbaugh would be White House press secretary.
    Glen Beck would be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
    Abortion would be a capital crime.
    Except for those wealthy enough to get one in Canada or Europe.
    Condoms and contraceptives would be controlled substances.
    I’d be in an barbed wire enclosure somewhere in Montana.

    • Sean Hannity would be the Attorney General and Bill O’Reilly would run the Department of Propaganda.

      And I’d be in the concentration camp right there with you.

      • Homosexuals would be denied citizenship and rounded up and “purged”, AIDS funding would be cut off, spy cameras would be installed in people’s bedrooms, and the poverty line would be decreased to $0.00.

        Is there room for one more in the Montana concentration camp?

      • Sure, with talk like that, you’ll be right there with us! 🙂

  3. So we’re all in agreement then that Bush was no conservative.

    Obviously all of you are still enjoying freedom and none of the other things mentioned ever happened.

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