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April 30, 2010

Young Glenn Beck Ranting About Communism

by Ben Hoffman

Kids In The Hall – Communism

April 29, 2010

Workers And Union Members March On Wall St.

by Ben Hoffman

NEW YORK — Thousands of workers and union members angry over lost jobs and the taxpayer-funded bailout of banks are marching on Wall Street.

Thursday’s rally was organized by the AFL-CIO and an association of community groups. The protesters included people hurt by the mortgage crisis and held up signs saying “Wall Street Overdrafted Our Economy” and “Reclaim America.”

Earlier, more than 100 people entered a midtown building housing JPMorgan Chase offices on Thursday afternoon. They handed a letter to a building worker and chanted “Bust up big banks!” and “People power!” They were calmly escorted outside by police.

The protesters then walked a few blocks and crowded into a Wells Fargo and Wachovia building lobby. A Wachovia spokeswoman says the bank received a letter, but declined further comment.

The protesters held up signs reading, “Save Our Jobs” and “Save Our Homes.” One included a Great Depression-era photograph. Police arrived on horseback as curious office workers watched the scene unfold from their windows.

“We’re here today to stop the corporate greed that is ruining our neighborhoods,” said Andrea Goldman, 59, of Springfield, Mass., who’s part of a group called Alliance to Develop Power.

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April 29, 2010

CNNMoney Lies About The NABE Survey and Stimulus Impact

by Ben Hoffman

The lead of the article reads, “The recovery is picking up steam as employers boost payrolls, but economists think the government’s stimulus package and jobs bill had little to do with the rebound, according to a survey released Monday.”

Only problem is: the survey didn’t say that.

The April 2010 Industry Survey by the National Association for Business Economics (NABE) did not ask respondents if they think the stimulus package has contributed to economic recovery. It asked 68 NABE members who work in the private sector how the stimulus bill has affected “the number of employees at your company during the past year,” according to a NABE official.

A separate NABE survey conducted in February actually did ask members about the impact of the stimulus on the economy. That survey found that 83 percent of 203 NABE members “believe that GDP is currently higher than it would have been without the 2009 stimulus package.” A Nexis search indicates that didn’t judge the February survey to be newsworthy.

Those who commit to the article beyond the headline and first paragraph would eventually learn that the NABE Industry Survey asked respondents about the impact of the stimulus on jobs “at their company.” From the article:

NABE conducted the study by polling 68 of its members who work in economic roles at private-sector firms. About 73% of those surveyed said employment at their company is neither higher nor lower as a result of the $787 billion Recovery Act, which the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers says is on track to create or save 3.5 million jobs by the end of the year.

Clearly, saying the stimulus has not affected employment at your company is not the same as saying it has not helped the wider economy. As NABE’s February survey indicates, Obama’s economists aren’t the only ones saying the stimulus has raised employment over what would have otherwise occurred.

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April 28, 2010

Laura Bush Tells All In New Book

by Ben Hoffman

Former U.S. first lady Laura Bush is going public about a car crash in Midland, Texas, that claimed the life of a high school friend when she was 17.

In her new book, “Spoken from the Heart,” she describes how after getting “sh*tfaced” at a friend’s party, she plowed into another car on her way home, killing the driver.

“We were drinking boilermakers while playing strip poker. I was completely naked and fall-down drunk. I should never have taken those Quaaludes after that, but those were the 60s. Free love. Sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll! Those were fun times!

So around 2:00 in the morning, I decided to go home. It took me like 10 minutes just to remember how to start the car. Man, I was sh*tfaced. How I made it as far as I did before running into somebody is a credit to my ability to handle drugs and alcohol. I could drink almost anyone under the table, as George would find out.

So anyway, on the way home, I stopped at like three stop signs. The forth one I said “f*ck it” and just barreled on through. There just happened to be another car going through at the same time. Just one of those things. My car got totaled and the driver of the other car died. We both suffered.”

Laura Bush bristles at criticism thrown at her husband, former President George W. Bush.

“It’s not George’s fault he fucked up the country. The American people voted for him!

Well, the Supreme court handed him the presidency in 2000, but then the American people re-elected him! What f*ckin’ morons!”

She says his New Orleans flyover after Hurricane Katrina was in the best interest of victims and aid workers.

She criticizes Democrats for calling her husband “an incompetent leader” and a “loser.” She says that was “uncalled for.”

April 27, 2010

Tea Party Manifesto

by Ben Hoffman

Here is the Tea Party Manifesto as defined by the Tea Party Patriots

1. Protect the Constitution

Require each bill to identify the specific provision of the Constitution that gives Congress the power to do what the bill does. (82.03%)

2. Reject Cap & Trade

Stop costly new regulations that would increase unemployment, raise consumer prices, and weaken the nation’s global competitiveness with virtually no impact on global temperatures. (72.20%)

3. Demand a Balanced Budget

Begin the Constitutional amendment process to require a balanced budget with a two-thirds majority needed for any tax hike. (69.69%)

4. Enact Fundamental Tax Reform

Adopt a simple and fair single-rate tax system by scrapping the internal revenue code and replacing it with one that is no longer than 4,543 words — the length of the original Constitution. (64.90%)

5. Restore Fiscal Responsibility & Constitutionally Limited Government in Washington

Create a Blue Ribbon taskforce that engages in a complete audit of federal agencies and programs, assessing their Constitutionality, and identifying duplication, waste, ineffectiveness, and agencies and programs better left for the states or local authorities, or ripe for wholesale reform or elimination due to our efforts to restore limited government consistent with the US Constitution’s meaning. (63.37%)

6. End Runaway Government Spending

Impose a statutory cap limiting the annual growth in total federal spending to the sum of the inflation rate plus the percentage of population growth. (56.57%)

7. Defund, Repeal, & Replace Government-run Health Care

Defund, repeal and replace the recently passed government-run health care with a system that actually makes health care and insurance more affordable by enabling a competitive, open, and transparent free-market health care and health insurance system that isn’t restricted by state boundaries. (56.39%)

8. Pass an All-of-the-Above Energy Policy

Authorize the exploration of proven energy reserves to reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources from unstable countries and reduce regulatory barriers to all other forms of energy creation, lowering prices and creating competition and jobs. (55.51%)

9. Stop the Pork

Place a moratorium on all earmarks until the budget is balanced, and then require a 2/3 majority to pass any earmark. (55.47%)

10. Stop the Tax Hikes

Permanently repeal all tax hikes, including those to the income, capital gains, and death taxes, currently scheduled to begin in 2011. (53.38%)

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April 26, 2010

Good Reason Why We Shouldn’t Be Drilling Off Our Shores: The Oil Spill Off The Louisiana Coast

by Ben Hoffman

NEW ORLEANS — Coast Guard officials said Monday afternoon that the oil spill near Louisiana was now covering an area in the Gulf of Mexico of 48 miles by 39 miles at its widest points, and they have been unable to engage a mechanism that could shut off the well thousands of feet below the ocean’s surface.

The flow of oil from the leaks is about 42,000 gallons of oil a day.

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April 26, 2010

New Arizona Legislation Makes It A Crime To Break The Law

by Ben Hoffman

Yes, now if you break the immigration laws, you will be charged with a crime. Hmmmmm… Isn’t it already a crime to break the law? After all, isn’t that the meaning of a law?

The part of the new legislation that is unconstitutional is the new ability and responsibility of law enforcement to question anyone who “looks” like an illegal alien.

The new laws make it illegal to hire illegal aliens, which is already illegal, but there may be more severe fines, unless you contribute to Republicans’ campaigns. This is where the solution to our illegal immigration problems lie, though. We need to prosecute companies that don’t verify the status of workers and hire illegals. If we cut off the jobs for illegals, we’ll take away the reason that they’re coming here in the first place.

April 26, 2010

GOP To Block Wall St. Reform

by Ben Hoffman

With Republicans, it’s always party first and then corporations and the wealthy. They don’t do anything for the good of the country. This approach continues with the proposed financial reform, which they’re going to try to block.

This is what is being proposed so we don’t have to bail out the banks again:

Officials said the Democratic plan on derivatives included many tougher provisions put forward by Senator Blanche Lincoln, Democrat of Arkansas and chairwoman of the Agriculture Committee, including one that is fiercely opposed by major banks because it would force them to spin off much of their derivatives business. The rules say any bank dealing in swaps, a popular and lucrative derivative, would be barred from the Federal Reserve’s emergency borrowing window and also from federal deposit insurance.

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Rather than engaging in honest debate, Republicans are lying about what’s in the bill, saying that the bill will result in more bank bailouts.

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April 26, 2010

Religious Nut Tim Tebow Enjoys The Company Of Big Breasted Women

by Ben Hoffman

Quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother were going to run an anti-abortion ad during last season’s Super Bowl, but they decided to tone it down. Recently, Denver drafted Tim so we’re stuck with him here. He’ll be close to the other Focus on the Family nuts, whose headquarters is down in Colorado Springs.

There are some who claim, all you have to do is look at the beauty in the world around you to prove the existence of God. Here’s Tim’s girlfriend Lucy Pinder…

I might believe there was a god, too, if I had a girlfriend who looked like that. 🙂

April 26, 2010

Mandatory Voting Proposal In Ridgway, CO

by Ben Hoffman

RIDGWAY — Residents of this Old West- meets-New Age town can be fined if their fences are too high, they have too many chickens, their dogs aren’t on leashes or their weeds are out of control.

Tom Hennessy would like to add not voting to that list.

Hennessy, a popular Ridgway brewer and pub owner, is proposing that the mostly dirt-street town at the edge of the San Juan Mountains become a national model by enacting a mandatory-voting statute. Residents who don’t bother to vote, for no good reason, would be fined.

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April 18, 2010

Pope Finds Words Of God Boring – Falls Asleep

by Ben Hoffman

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.


He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.


In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.


And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”


And when the guy sitting next to the Pope in an equally silly outfit told him to wake up, Pope Benedict XVI flung his arm out and yelled “Heil Hitler!”

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April 18, 2010

Is Andy Rooney Becoming a Buddhist?

by Ben Hoffman

My wife and I usually watch 60 Minutes after dinner on Sunday nights. We don’t watch a whole lot of TV. It seems like 6:00 in the evening is our most typical time to watch something: 60 Minutes on Sundays and The News Hour on weekdays. Other than some sports and specials, we usually just watch movies if we’re going to watch something.

This evening on 60 Minutes, Andy Rooney talked about desires and craving. He said he craved a cookie after his lunch. (Have you ever noticed that Andy Rooney sometimes fills his segment up with some of the most mundane events?) He wished there was a pill he could take to eliminate his cravings.

Talking about craving wouldn’t be of interest by itself, but last week Rooney talked about living in the present. He talked about how sometimes he looked forward to the next month or to something in the future, but he was going to try to just appreciate this month and live more in the present.

Eliminating cravings and living in the present are two main tenets of Buddhism. The Buddha believed that the cause of all suffering is craving and the way to achieve nirvana is by the elimination of craving. Those are the 2nd and 3rd Noble Truths.

Living in the present is also called mindfulness, which is part of the Noble Eightfold Path to eliminate suffering. The Noble Eightfold Path is the Fourth Noble Truth.

As a Buddhist and a Jew (sometimes called a Jubu), I had to do a search to see if Andy is a Buddhist. I couldn’t find any evidence of that, but I did find out that he’s an atheist, which makes me feel somewhat connected to him now. People who don’t believe in the supernatural are a minority in our country, which seems a little weird, but that’s how it is in a lot of countries. Take away belief in the supernatural and you take away a lot of reasons to hate.

Why am I writing about Andy Rooney and Buddhism? Who knows? Have you ever noticed that sometimes something seems like a good idea at the time, but then when you start writing you realize that your time could have been better spent?

April 16, 2010

Mitch McConell to block Wall Street Reform

by Ben Hoffman

Mitch McConnell has rounded up the necessary votes to block Democrats from bringing Wall Street reform to the Senate floor, a spokesman for the Senate Minority Leader said on Friday afternoon.

Senate Majority Leader Harry (D-Nev.) said on Thursday he planned to bring the bill to the floor next week where it would be debated and amendments added. McConnell has now persuaded 41 Republicans to vote against debating reform.


We are united in our opposition to the partisan legislation reported by the Senate Banking Committee.


The Senate Banking Committee consists of 15 Democrats and 10 Republicans.

April 15, 2010

“The Other 95%” Is Making the Teabaggers Dizzy By Using Facts!

by Ben Hoffman

The teabaggers are protesting high taxes, socialism, fascism, communism, and Obama being a Muslim, among other misinformation. Well, there’s a new organization in town called “the other 95%” and they aim to set the record straight. Here is a brief excerpt from their site:

Some basic facts:

* Obama has passed 25 separate tax cuts.
* Obama’s stimulus package included $300 billion in middle class tax cuts — one of the largest in history.
* The recent healthcare reform law includes tax credits and savings for small businesses and working people.
* Unlike President Bush’s 2001 tax cuts, which went to the wealthiest 2.2%, President Obama’s tax cuts overwhelmingly benefit working and middle class families — 95% of all Americans.


[Edit: added video]

April 14, 2010

Let’s Have Another REAL Tea Party

by Ben Hoffman

The original Tea Party on Dec. 16, 1773 was a revolt against the Tea Act, which cut taxes for the British East India Tea Company so they could undercut the prices of the independent tea companies in what was then the British colonies. It would have expanded the East India’s monopoly and put the little guy out of business.

Today’s Tea Party protesters are protesting high taxes, even though their taxes have been cut under Obama. The original Boston Tea Party was a revolt AGAINST tax cuts.

Today, we have companies like Walmart putting the little guy out of business. We have huge corporations paying little to no income taxes while small businesses are carrying the load. For example, ExxonMobil earned 35 billion dollars in profits last year but paid ZERO in taxes to the U.S. government. It did pay $15 billion to foreign countries, though. Thanks a lot for that one. Chevron earned $18 billion in profits and paid $8 billion in taxes, but only $200 million to the U.S. G.E. not only paid nothing here in taxes; it got a tax credit! Conoco is one of the better oil companies and paid $13 billion in taxes. It gets most of its oil from South America rather than the Middle East as Exxon and Chevron do. Bank of America made 4.4 billion in profits but paid nothing in taxes. Nada. Zilch. That after we bailed them out. Verizon made $1.2 billion in profits but is taxed at a rate of only 10.5%. Hewlett-Packard made $1.75 in profits and is taxed at a rate of 18.6%. That’s a lot lower than my tax rate. And we can thank Carly Fiorina for shipping most of HP’s jobs to China.

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We need to put an end to globalism and bring jobs back to America! Tax companies that send our jobs overseas!