Revolution Now! Take Back America!

by Ben Hoffman

It’s time for revolution in the U.S. Conservative policies have destroyed our country and it’s time to rebuild. The people have little power any more. It’s all in the hands of big corporations.

The National Debt
In just ten years, our country went from having a balanced budget to massive deficits. At the Beginning of Bush’s first fiscal year in 2001, the federal debt was a massive 5.8 trillion dollars. At the end of his last fiscal year in 2009, the debt had ballooned to an enormous 11.9 trillion dollars! We’re now paying half-a-trillion dollars a year just on interest on the debt! The conservative tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 made us the biggest debtor nation in the world. Obama promised “change,” but not only did he extend the Bush tax cuts, he added more tax cuts!

Usury Interest Rates
Because of high unemployment and under-employment, many people are getting deep in debt. Banks, which are getting money from the Fed at zero interest, are charging what used to be usury rates, sometimes over 30% interest. People’s lives are being destroyed.

Funding For Illegal Wars
We were lied into the war in Iraq, yet nobody was ever prosecuted. There was never even a complete investigation into how we got it so wrong. 100s of thousands of innocent Iraqis were killed, as well as over 4,000 American soldiers. We’re dumping money into Iraq and Afghanistan and the total cost is expected to be over 3 trillion dollars when it’s all over. The 2011 military budget is over 700 billion dollars!

Health Care
It’s time for either a single payer system or a government option for health insurance. Simple as that. Health insurance is far too expensive with too much going towards administration with little value added.

Build a national high-speed rail system. Europe and Asia are rapidly developing high-speed rail systems. Why? Because it’s better than air travel! The U.S. has gone from exceptionalism to mediocrity when it comes to transportation.

Bring Jobs Back To The U.S.
End tax cuts for outsourcing jobs to other countries, impose tariffs on goods made with slave wage workers, start a “Made in U.S.A.” promotional program. Patriotism used to mean buying goods made in America. We need to get back to that ideal.

Corporations Are Not People
We need an amendment to the Constitution declaring that corporations are not people and don’t have the same rights as people.

Enforce Antitrust Laws
Banks have become “too big to fail.” A few giant media conglomerates control nearly all the media outlets. Oil companies have merged into a few dominant players. Monopolies and oligopolies are antithetic to capitalism. They inhibit small businesses from entering industries and have too much control of our economy. We’re in dire need of some trust-busting.

Affordable Education For All
Tuition costs have skyrocketed over the past 15 years. An educated populace is an innovative populace. Everyone should have the opportunity to go to college without being saddled with massive debt.

Corporate Influence on Legslation
Get the big money out of politics!

Election Reform
Restore confidence in our voting systems. Our democracy has been privatized.


It’s time to take to the streets and make our voices heard! (Just as soon as it stops snowing)

6 Comments to “Revolution Now! Take Back America!”

  1. Yeah, we need more UNIONS, like the SEIU and The UAW… 🙂
    Down with Corporations, they only give people jobs after all, that’s just evil!

  2. “it’s time for revolution in the U.S. Conservative policies have destroyed our country and it’s time to rebuild”

    Don’t wait cowards do it now!, Hit the streets, don’t wait! It is WAY past time for RECKONING in America and if you support this President and administration then your traitors and the enemy and need to be removed from society. Then we can begin to rebuild.

  3. Snowing?
    What happened to Global Warming!!! 🙂

  4. Lol. It’s the democratic locies put in place by clinton that brought this about. Learn something about government you @#$%!

  5. Everybody talks talks talks. “Words are wind”. The question is, are you willing to hit the streets in force, en masse, and make your voice heard. It will take a rally on the steps of the Capitol of 10 million to wake the government up. Are you with us or not?

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