U.S. Protesters Flood Washington As Ben Hoffman Urges Obama Not To Run Again

by Ben Hoffman

WASHINGTON — More than a quarter-million people flooded Washington, D.C.’s National Mall Tuesday in a stunning and jubilant array of young and old, urban poor and middle class professionals, mounting by far the largest protest yet in a week of unrelenting demands for President Barack Obama to leave after only two years in power.

According to unsubstantiated rumors, one million protesters gathered at the Mall. One news correspondent said two hundred million attended the protests in the mall and its surrounding areas.

The crowds – determined but peaceful – filled the mall and spilled into nearby streets, among them people defying a government transportation shutdown to make their way from rural areas. Protesters jammed in shoulder-to-shoulder, with schoolteachers, farmers, unemployed university graduates, women in feather hats and women in high heels, men in Groucho disguises and working-class men in tutus and hardhats.

They sang Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan songs, danced, beat drums and chanted the anti-Obama slogan “Make like a tree and leave” as military helicopters buzzed overhead. Organizers said the aim was to intensify marches to get the president out of power, and similar demonstrations erupted in at least five other cities around America.

Soldiers at checkpoints set up the entrances of the mall did nothing to stop the crowds from drinking lattes and eating veggie-burgers.

The military promised on TV Monday night that it would not fire on protesters unless they got really bored, answering a call for a million to demonstrate, a sign that army support for Obama may be unraveling as momentum builds for an extraordinary eruption of discontent and demands for democracy in the United States.


3 Comments to “U.S. Protesters Flood Washington As Ben Hoffman Urges Obama Not To Run Again”

  1. Well, let’s see, a dictator who doesn’t respond to the will of the people but his need for power and control over thing and everybody.
    Yeah, the comparison is fair. 🙂

  2. Maybe you could be get Mubarack to Run for President in 2012

  3. You do have style, Ben!

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