Help for Employers and Job Seekers

by Ben Hoffman

With unemployment hovering near 10%, employers often receive hundreds of applications for each job opening. Wading through piles of resumes is can be enormously time consuming and frustrating. When all you have to go by is a resume and cover letter, it’s difficult to determine who are the most qualified and best fit for the position.

Folis Software can help alleviate those problems. Folis Employer Software was designed specifically to handle a large number of job applicants. You still get the traditional cover letter and resume when someone applies for a job, but you’ll also get a video interview and multimedia portfolio. And the entire application is written as a Flash application, which gives you the feel of a desktop application in your browser window.

While evaluating applicants, Folis software has a feature that allows you to rate prospective employees and take notes. This is especially useful when evaluating a large number of applicants. You can then filter on the ratings to determine which ones you’d like to bring in for in-person or phone interviews. You won’t waste your time with unqualified applicants.

Folis Software consists of three software applications: Employer Software, which is a job board and video interview system, Job Seeker Software, which is used by job seekers to search, apply for, and submit multimedia job applications, and Showcase Software, which is similar to the multimedia job application, but job seekers have the ability to invite someone to view their portfolios, video interviews, and resumes by submitting a recipient email address.

There is no charge for Folis Software. It is available online at They charge only for installation, support, and customization of the Employer Software package, or you can use the software online absolutely free at They do accept financial contributions to the project.

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