Okay, Now I Want One – Kindle For Only $139

by Ben Hoffman

There’s a lot of good stuff to read on the Internet, but sitting in my favorite reading chair reading a laptop computer just doesn’t cut it. Next month, Amazon is going to start selling a Kindle with built-in Wi-Fi (no direct Internet access) for $139. At $300, it was worth it for me to still go to the library for my reading material, but now… Hmmmmm…

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18 Comments to “Okay, Now I Want One – Kindle For Only $139”

  1. I’m thinking about one too at that price.

  2. You can get it for $99 actually…

  3. Relaxing on the beach with a kindle in one hand and a margarita in the other would be the good life. My blog is one month today. If you have the time I would appeciate some feed back as to advice on blogging. My latest blog post is about Doreen Van Assen’s Life experiences in nursing school, the point being to do your best no matter what and most likely you will succeed or at the very least happy that you at least went for it. Also about memories if you look back and see sad memories start making happy ones cuz the brain will remember the long term memories the older you get. So like me I try my best to remember every happy time during my sad childhood and when recollecting the sadness image a happy outcome from that experience. This exercise over powers depression and keeps me sane in an insane world. The older I get the happier I get lol.
    http://networkedblogs.com/blog/doreen_van_assens_blog/?ahash=ca8f2983cf01b5863a8c01ff0955d6c1 I would love to write a book about this to help others.

    • l0oree, break your posts down into shorter paragraphs. And don’t use “cuz” instead of because. It makes you look lazy. ๐Ÿ™‚ And try to cut down on the “I”s in your posts.

  4. Thanks Ben. I love your blog btw mainly because you say what is on your mind without sugar coating anything. Criticizm seems cruel sometimes but can meld one into an alomost perfect union.

  5. I tell you Ben, I’m having trouble getting used to pictures and videos here. Actually, good addition, livens things up when Alan isn’t around to do it.

    I had no idea Kindles were getting affordable. I know people who love them for when they travel. One light device with a dozen books inside.

  6. Nah, I love books too much. I’m a snobby bookworm. Plus, what would I do with my bookshelves and all my books?

  7. I’m worried for actual books and bookstores.

    Barnes & Noble Inc., put itself up for sale Tuesday, succumbing to pressure from shareholder activists as digital books erode the traditional business of the nation’s largest bookstore chain.


    • It’s hard for me to feel sorry for Barnes and Nobles since they put a lot of small bookstores out of business. But, you can’t stop progress. The future of books is e-books and e-book readers. Maybe the bookstores can become e-book reader stores, where you can browse e-books and purchase them.

      Thirty years ago, who would have thought we’d have phone stores?

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