Time For Thomas to Recuse Himself

by Ben Hoffman

8 Comments to “Time For Thomas to Recuse Himself”

  1. I see your Thomas and I raise you a Kagan. She came in legal contact with the Healthcare bill prior to her becoming Judge, that should disqualify her from hearing the case, right? But you liberals know that and ignore it. I say they both should recuse themselves.

    • Thomas is benefiting financially from defeating the bill. Kagan is not. Big difference.

      • Kagan; Conflict of Interest!!!

        You know Ben, I envy you liberals, yall get to be evil, mean, cheat, lie, scam, race-bait, divide and bamboozle, and get away with it. I guess when you believe in nothing greater than self, no shame exist.

      • Mike, you apparently got so emotional after I offered some information that conflicted with your world view that you were only able to offer some incoherent, irrational babbling in response. Studies show that conservatives have an overdeveloped amygdala — the part of the brain responsible for emotions. You just provided a good example of emotional reasoning in action.

  2. Mr. Hoffman,

    Are you saying that Justice Elena Kagan can be an impartial Judge of Obama-Care ? As Soliciter General how could she have not been involved in defending the Bill ?

  3. None of them worked on this case like Kagan did.

    • Thomas has a financial interest in overturning it. The issue is whether or not it is Constitutional and the fact that Kagan has defended it before doesn’t mean anything. The fact that Thomas can gain financially is definitely a conflict of interest. But you right-wingers don’t care about our Constitution unless it works for your agenda.

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