Texas Tech Professors Petition Against the Hiring of Alberto Gonzales

by Ben Hoffman

The former attorney-general under President George W. Bush will soon be teaching “Contemporary Issues in the Executive Branch” at Texas Tech — a job for which, at least 40 of the school’s professors say, Gonzales is profoundly unqualified.

As of last count, 45 staffers at Texas Tech have signed a petition urging the school’s chancellor to rescind the offer of a teaching job to Gonzales, reports the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.

“It is unclear what Gonzales has done that makes him deserving of employment at Texas Tech. Does he have a noteworthy academic record? Does he have a record of publishing in law reviews? Was his service to his country particularly distinguished?,” the petition reads.

The document goes on to list Gonzales “ethical failings,” including: frequently misleading Congress and the American people; rejecting the Geneva Conventions; denying the constitutional right of habeas corpus; and showing more loyalty to President George W. Bush than to the Constitution.


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