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June 27, 2017

Nazi (GOP) Rep. Gets Hammered for Voting for House Death-Care Bill

by Ben Hoffman

June 25, 2017

Jeff Sessions is Granny!

by Ben Hoffman


June 25, 2017

Got a Neighbor Who Supports Trump? Let Your Dog Crap on His Lawn and Don’t Clean It Up!

by Ben Hoffman

Donald Trump and the Republicans are destroying America. They have no regard for our Constitution or our Democracy. They’ve done away will all civility in government and whine when they’re criticized.

There are some actions we can take. Trump wouldn’t be in power right now if it weren’t for dumbasses who voted for him. Most of these dumbasses are racist assholes who are loyal to the Republican party — not to our country.

So what can we do?┬áJames Hodgkinson, the guy who shot Republicans at their baseball practice, took action. Most of us don’t want to give up our lives for principles — not at this point, anyway. Only a few people are willing to go to jail to save our country. You have to give it to the Antifa crowd for that. They’re fighting and willing to suffer a bit for what’s right.

We can do some things to take action against unAmerican Trump supporters. Here are a few suggestions that won’t get you in trouble with the law…

  • Let your dog shit on a conservative’s laws. Encourage your dog to do so. You can also just bag the poop when you’re walking your dog and then dispose of it on the conservative’s lawn. If he sees you, just tell him to get fucked.
  • Talk about the conservatives behind their backs. Make up crap about them; go wild. Turn the other neighbors against them.
  • Just tell the conservatives to go fuck themselves whenever you see them.
  • If you have a next door neighbor who is a conservative, if you see him having a barbeque or trying to relax in his backyard, that’s a great time to mow your lawn. And take your time doing so. The louder your lawnmower, the better.
  • If a conservative ever sets foot on your property, call them police and have him arrested for trespassing.

Got anything to add to that? All suggestions are welcome!