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June 22, 2011

High-Speed Rail Poised to Alter China; U.S. Left In The Dust

by Ben Hoffman

Just as building the interstate highway system a half-century ago made modern, national commerce more feasible in the United States, China’s ambitious rail rollout is helping integrate the economy of this sprawling, populous nation — though on a much faster construction timetable and at significantly higher travel speeds than anything envisioned by the Eisenhower administration.

Work crews of as many as 100,000 people per line have built about half of the 10,000-mile network in just six years, in many cases ahead of schedule — including the Beijing-to-Shanghai line that was not originally expected to open until next year. The entire system is on course to be completed by 2020. Read more…

America lags all other industrialized nations in high-speed rain transportation because conservatives don’t want to invest in our own country.