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October 26, 2014

Man breaks all 10 commandments in one act

by Ben Hoffman
ten commandments

Broken commandments

(Reuters) – A man was taken into custody on Friday on suspicion of knocking over a Ten Commandments monument with a car on the grounds of the Oklahoma statehouse and then fleeing the scene, law enforcement officials said on Friday.

The U.S. Secret Service detained the man, who has not been identified, after he was alleged to have made threatening statements at a federal building in Oklahoma City. The man told agents he urinated on the monument and ran it over with a car, said David Allison, the assistant special agent in charge.

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The Ten Commandments Monument violates the 1st Amendment because it is on public land, which is paid for by taxpayers. By destroying the monument, the man stopped the perpetration of a crime and is a hero.

January 6, 2010

Prison Reform Is Needed… NOW!

by Ben Hoffman

The U.S. spends more than any country in the world on incarceration. In 2006, we spent nearly 70 billion, which comes out to more than 22 thousand dollars a year per inmate. That’s a ridiculous amount of money wasted, as well as the lives that are wasted rotting in prisons.

One problem with our prison system is: for many prisoners, the environment in prison is not that much worse than being on the outside. Many inmates come from dirt poor backgrounds and live in slums. Many also were in gangs. In prison, they are also in gangs, get three meals a day, a clean place to sleep, get to play ball and watch TV. In other words, prison is not much of a deterrent.

So, what should be done to cut costs and make prison more of a deterrent? It’s simple. Turn prisons into a warehouse for criminals. Take away their recreation, social activities, and classes.

Here is my proposal:

  • Each prisoner gets a 6’x10′ cell and never leaves that cell until his or her sentence is up
  • Each cell has a sink and toilet
  • Meals are served in the cell
  • Prisoners are required to exercise in the cell once a day to keep their muscles from atrophying.
  • Books are available to inmates to keep them occupied
  • Smoking is not allowed
  • Each cell has a locked phone which can only be used for talking to his or her lawyer or family
  • Well behaved, non-violent prisoners may be used to build tennis facilities

That’s it. We could set up these prison warehouses almost anywhere, since security would take less effort and manpower. Costs would be greatly reduced, as would repeat offenders.

As governor of Colorado, prison reform will be part of my agenda.