Join the Resistance!!!

by Ben Hoffman

Protest Trump’s Inauguration

Trump is not our legitimate president. He was aided by Russia in the election, committed fraud and bribery, and is a sexual predator. He lies 73% of the time! With his business conflicts of interest, he’ll be violating the Constitution the moment he’s sworn in.

Here is a partial list of what we can do to stop Trump from taking office, or at least disrupt the inauguration. I’ll be adding to the list as we get closer.

Note: Check the laws in your state before engaging in political activities. I am not responsible for any legal repercussions that may arise out of any of these actions. That said, our new president is a criminal and should be in prison. Laws don’t seem to mean anything when you’re wealthy.

Resistance activities (pronounced ree-zis-TAWNZ)

  • Join the protests on January 20th. See and other sites for more information. Protests will be occurring across the country. The 20th is on a Friday, so we can keep it going well into the night.
  • Disrupt the parade. Bush’s ceremony was halted when protesters pelted his limousine with eggs and banged on it. We can do even better with Trump.
  • Bring a 20,000 watt PA system (or whatever is available) to the inauguration grounds and blast out derogatory comments about Trump. Exercise your 1st Amendment rights.
  • Go to Trump properties and scream at his tenants and patrons the way pro-lifers do at abortion clinics.
  • Use a drone to fly banners over the ceremony. Or if you’re mechanically and electrically inclined, rig up a system to drop water balloons from a drone onto the heads of Trump personnel. That would be a hoot!  LOL!  Use your imagination, but don’t get caught.
  • Protest in front of establishments that openly supported Trump. Disrupt their businesses.
  • Tell your right-wing neighbor to fuck off any time you see him.
  • Arm yourself — especially if you’re a minority. Things are getting ugly, and they’re only going to get worse.
  • Protest at right-wing churches.

Fight back. We can’t let our country turn into a fascist totalitarian regime.

2 Comments to “Join the Resistance!!!”

  1. Haha! How’s the suckfest going, Hoffman? Where’d all your visitors go? Really great rally you’ve got going on here. Wow! Everyone’s SO fired up!!! (crickets…)

    Funny how your kind couldn’t get off their ass to actually vote (primarily since you elitists thought you SO had this one in the bag), and that you decide now is the time to do it. Funny, too, that all you losers can think of as far as “action” goes is a cryfest or protest. So now you’re a Michael Moore wannabe? Is ANYTHING you say or do original?

    And protests? Please. You’d have better luck trying to bring back Latin as a daily language. Please, though, do it. Get out there and protest. It’s so romantic, even though it’s utterly useless. Your side is so and your side remains so arrogant and ignorant, though, you never see it.

    No matter. You just handed over your lunch this election and now we’re going to make you watch us eat it for the next four years – while we continue to step on your head and keep your ugly face in the mud.

    So enjoy your shitty view from the bottom of the pile for the next four years – you certainly earned it for yourself!! 🙂

  2. That disrupt the Trump inauguration, thing, how did that work out for you guys?

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