Americans are dumb-asses

by Ben Hoffman

Fuck America

Fuck America

The U.S. is not a great country. It is a country of dumb-asses.

Republicans nearly totally destroyed our economy less than 10 years ago, lied us into war with Iraq, embarrassed the hell out of us with their complete incompetence in fighting the two wars, and tripled the federal debt. And those are just the big fuck-ups.

A country of good people would not vote for assholes intent on destroying our country. But they did, and now Republicans control both Houses of Congress. Democrats, being the spineless wimps they are, won’t abuse the Senate filibuster like Republicans have for the past four years. It will go back to a simple majority to pass anything, or Republicans will eliminate the filibuster.

But the real blame for this disaster lies with the Democrats and lack of any spine. Republicans destroyed our economy; it has rebounded under Obama; yet Democrats act like Democrats caused a recession that doesn’t exist and Republicans claim they will revived the economy.

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