A real cure for the hangover? Maybe.

by Ben Hoffman

o-HANGOVER-PATCH-570According to this story in the Huffington Post, an arm patch prevents a hangover.

If you’re as hungover as we are this holiday weekend, we’ve got some good news: There’s a hangover patch out there that actually seems to work.

HuffPost Weird News launched an investigation this week into the hangover patch, mainly because we like to test out random products that are sent to us and make fun of them when they don’t work. Using the oh-so-scientific process of trying a Bytox Hangover Patch once, with no further testing, we concluded that a little patch really can curb the splitting headache that usually comes with a night of excess.

Follow us on a journey that ended after eight beers, one whiskey, two shots and a lot of shame (and note that we don’t condone binge drinking — this was a completely journalistic endeavor).

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