Gay group wants to secede from U.S., name new country after gay pundit

by Ben Hoffman

Gay secessionist

Gay secessionist

This is a twist. A gay group sporting cowboy hats and tight jeans wants to succeed from the U.S.

Douglas MacKinnon is a conservative columnist and former Reagan administration aide and he has written with a new book calling for Southern states to secede. While working for the president, he developed a close relationship with Ron Reagan, Jr — an admittedly gay political pundit.

ron reagan, jr

Ron Reagan, Jr.

Ron Reagan, Jr. said he was flattered but shocked that the secessionist wants to name the new country after him. “I remember Dougie, ” Ron said. “He was always coming around with the latest show-tunes albums and wanting to show me the new shoes he just bought, but he really wasn’t my type. We went out a few times, but that was about it.”

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