“Women are too dumb to vote”

by Ben Hoffman

Fox news logo

Fox news logo

Fox “news” would like women to believe that they are too dumb to vote. Women aren’t “too dumb to vote;” they are too smart to vote Republican, and Fox exists to elect Republicans. This should be enough to motivate women to get out there and vote.

Fox host Greg Gutfeld said that young women lack the wisdom to vote as conservatives.
Kimberly Guilfoyle said they should be excused from jury duty, because they lack life experience and just “don’t get it.” Instead, she said, they should “go back on Tinder or Match.com.”
Fox’s Tucker Carlson said, “Do You Want Your Government Run By People Whose Favorite Show Is Say Yes [To The Dress]?”
The National Review posted an article entitled “Five Reasons Why Women are Too Dumb To Vote.”

If you get your “news” from Fox or some other right-wing media outlet, you’re too anti-American to vote. Your loyalties are to the Republican party — not to America.

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