If you vote Republican…

by Ben Hoffman

If you vote Republican in this day and age, you can’t expect anyone to believe you love our country. You love your party — not our country.

One Comment to “If you vote Republican…”

  1. I am a registered independent for 40yrs from a staunch democratic family. I never vote for party politics, race or gender reasons. I thought we were supposed to vote based on most qualified? I feel everyone on both sides of the political spectrum needs to be tarred & feathered from the president on down. Both sides incite nothing but racial, political hatred & monetary gain & could care less about serving our GOD FEARING country. No wonder the rest of the world hate us. Men want to be women & women want to be men. We murder our unborn children & clone to create man made life by elevating ourselves as GODS replacement by taking him out of the picture. We refuse to execute rapist,child molesters & murderers but do not have a problem executing abortion murder on our innocent babies. How evil is that? We say we want equal rights for women but the presidential semen stains are on the dress & display in the Smithsonian. What a horrible example for our young daughters & womens suffrage rights. Yet we dismiss as nobodys business but the husband & wifes? He should have been fired from the presidency & his wife should have divorced him on the spot. Yet our women dragged our daughters to the Lewinsky book signings as a role model? How disgusting & imbarrasing! We should be ashamed of ourselves! GOD YES GOD have mercy on us all America. Lady Liberty hides her face in shame.

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