Petition to Kick Texas Out of the Union — Please Sign!

by Ben Hoffman

kick Texas out of the Union. They are an embarrassment and should not be part of our great nation.
Texas continuously embarrasses the rest of our country by electing people who shouldn’t be allowed to run a lemonade stand, much less participate in our Congress or be elected president. They have caused far too much damage to our country and we can no longer stomach them to be elected to high levels in our government. For those reasons, and the fact that they talk funny, they should be kicked out of our Union and no longer be part of the United States of America, which many of them believe to be the “United Steaks of America.”
Click HERE to access the petition.

9 Comments to “Petition to Kick Texas Out of the Union — Please Sign!”

  1. The nut who wrote about should be denied freedom toros streets he cartable I’ll mentally

  2. I went to sign it but got this:

    Due to Congress’s failure to pass legislation to fund the government, We the People has been temporarily disabled.

    Thanks texas.

  3. I’m tired to sign this and that and nothing happen

  4. Good. Kick them out and I will move there!

  5. What a joke — this pathetic liberal wet dream propaganda site has apparently died a well-deserved death…

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  9. kicking Texas out of the U.S. has been a dream of mine and a lot of other Americans for YEARS! Texas and all things Texan suck ass.

    “I would like to form an organization called Yankees for Texas secession.” John Steinbeck

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