The Iowa Caucuses: Which Turd Will Rise To The Top?

by Ben Hoffman

Mormon Turd

It’s been a long battle for top fly in the garbage can that is the Republican party, but tomorrow, the people of Iowa will decide which candidate’s lies have been most effective. It’s impossible to defend conservative policies without lying, and they know Obama is better for America than they would be, so all they can do is lie.

3 Comments to “The Iowa Caucuses: Which Turd Will Rise To The Top?”

  1. I love the sewage metaphor. But are we all in the same toilet bowl circling toward a final flush? I prefer to see obama as the poor janitor plunging the crap that has plugged up the plumbing of our democracy.

  2. It’s the Republican party that’s the toilet. Our country still has the potential for greatness, but it’s not going to happen with another Bush administration, which is what we’re going to have with any of these nut-jobs.

  3. LOL. Yes. Indeed. No matter which turd comes out first, it’ll still stink

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