How They Choose Their Candidates In Republicanistan

by Ben Hoffman


Right-wingers choose their candidates mainly through the use of emotional reasoning. How the candidate looks and talks are extremely important to them, as are superficial things in the politician’s life such as how often they go to church and their level of religiosity . These qualifications are selfish reasons, because it really comes down to how the candidate makes the voter feel.

Bush made right-wingers feel good because he seemed like he was one of them, even though he had lived a life of privilege. He was the candidate they’d want to have a beer with. Reagan made them feel good about our country through the use of rhetoric, even though he caused enormous damage while in office.

Obama makes right-wingers feel bad about themselves. First of all, he’s of a different race (half different, anyway), his father was a Muslim (only half-Christian), and he was a professor (another strike).

A reporter ventured into Republicanistan to interview voters. Here’s what some of them had to say…

DES MOINES — Jonathan Gabhart, a 21-year-old college student from Spencer, Iowa, is leaning toward voting for Ron Paul because of the Texas lawmaker’s unpolished speaking style — a “high-pitched, squirrelly voice,” as he put it. “He seems like a real person because of his eccentricities.”

Andy Schwaegler, a 45-year-old tree farmer from Orford, N.H., is drawn to Mitt Romney because the well-coiffed candidate reminds him of his father, a business executive. “It’s something about the way he carries himself,” Mr. Schwaegler said.

Nancy Weaver, a 60-year-old retiree in Grinnell, Iowa, favors Representative Michele Bachmann because the congresswoman raised 23 foster children. “That’s a huge endeavor for any man or woman,” she said.

“Personality does matter,” said Michael Dee, a lawyer in West Des Moines. “Because this person is going to be on TV all the time as president.”

[The fact that Rick Santorum home-schooled his children] was well known to Dwayne Kriegel, a postal carrier in Grinnell, who is backing Mr. Santorum in the caucus on Tuesday. “He’s passionate about his dedication to family values,” Mr. Kriegel said. “The others say what they think the voters want to hear, while he lives it.”

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This article, as many in the mainstream media, shows the conservative bias in reporting. The author makes blanket statements claiming that because conservatives choose their candidates in a certain way, all people must use the same method.

We see this over and over in the media. Republicans block bills in Congress and the MSM reports “neither side willing to budge.” The pubic sees both sides as being equally incompetent and corrupt. The problem is with media ownership in America. News media outlets are afraid they might offend some of the higher-ups, so they water down stories or “balance” the facts with a right-wing spin on the facts.

5 Comments to “How They Choose Their Candidates In Republicanistan”

  1. Good point. As a former conservative voter, I voted based on how I felt to an extent. Since then, I went to college and stopped voting merely conservatively. Typically I vote against the current incumbent, or 3rd party. Though this has now devolved into writing candidates in.

    A couple questions, if you’re game.

    1) How do liberals and/or non-conservatives typically vote?

    2) in the light of how both sides vote, how should people vote?

    • Hey Frank, FYI, I was registered Republican until around 2004, I think it was, when I finally had enough of their radical agenda, so I’m by no means a “liberal.” Personally, I vote on policy. Whoever’s policies make the most sense to me, that’s who I vote for. I’m not going to vote for a radical conservative or liberal.

  2. Obama does make me feel bad. Not about me, but about the spoon fed minorities who vote for him. Come on now, if 90 % are voting the same way, there is not much thinking going on.

    • That may be true, but blacks make up 12% of the population, and 90% of 12% is about 10%. Contrast that with 100% of conservative voters who vote either using emotional reasoning or out of pure selfishness (they don’t want to have to pay for government services they receive). If Obama was that bad, why all the lies?

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