Obama Attends Christmas Service, Right-wingers Outraged

by Ben Hoffman

HONOLULU — President Barack Obama exchanged gifts with his family, sang carols and attended church services as he celebrated Christmas in Hawaii.

The president and his family woke up early Sunday to exchange gifts, the White House said, then had breakfast and sang Christmas carols at the multimillion-dollar house they rent in Kailua Beach, near Honolulu.

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Glenn Beck has already expressed outrage that the Obama family participated in a Hanukkah celebration and right-wingers around the country parroted his anger. Obama attending a Hanukkah celebration is apparently is part of the “war on Christmas.” So what will the overly emotional right-wingers find to complain about the Obama family’s Christmas celebration? Right-wingers are angry and scared, so anything that supports those emotions are embraced, even if they’re lies.

2 Comments to “Obama Attends Christmas Service, Right-wingers Outraged”

  1. Ben, I wish you, your readers and Obama, a very Merry Christmas. Glad I’m not one of those crazy right-wingers!

  2. And these same right wingers would be mad if he went to a Muslim service.

    Man, no pleasing some folks.

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