Overly Emotional Right-Wing Sheep Upset About The Scott Walker Recall Effort

by Ben Hoffman

Right-wing nut-job

Volunteers working to recall Gov. Scott Walker said they have proof of the harassment they’ve been getting from opponents.
Reports of harassment have come in from many areas, and on Monday night, Brookfield police arrested a man after one such incident was caught on tape.

“I just thought this guy is out of control. I could just see the steam coming off his head. So I thought, ‘Wow, this could be serious,'” volunteer Steve Nagel said.

Nagel said he immediately started recording the incident when Fred Frisby pulled up to the area along Bluemond Road where the volunteers were collecting signatures.

Volunteer Steve Spieckerman said, “He shouted out. He asked me, ‘What don’t you like about Scott Walker?'”
Spieckerman said Frisby jumped out of his truck when he refused to answer.

“Then he let loose with a torrent of abuse and obscenities,” Spieckerman said.

The video shows Frisby yelling, “Do you pay health care? No, you don’t pay health care. You mooching off the system?”
Frisby can been seen grabbing the camera before it goes dark.

“He turned around and he jammed the camera back in my chest and he put his fist up to my face and said, ‘How do you like that,'” Nagel said.

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4 Comments to “Overly Emotional Right-Wing Sheep Upset About The Scott Walker Recall Effort”

  1. You’re right there……nut job! Unfortunately, he’s just one of many.

  2. So short-sighted. It’s sad people act that way.

    • I know it. The Republican party is like a religion to these people.

      • That’s quite sad, and true. They’ve equated the Republican Party with God, or dang near, and that’s never good.

        Although for some, it’s less a religion than a cult. This is true for both sides.

        “Blue, blue. Happy, Blue.”

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