Proof That Socialism Works: NFL’s Only Socialized Team Is Undefeated!

by Ben Hoffman

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers showed they could get the job done with the game and perfection on the line.

Rodgers completed passes of 24, 27 and 18 yards in a lightning-quick five-play drive to set up a 31-yard field goal by Mason Crosby on the final play, and the Packers remained undefeated and clinched a playoff berth with a 38-35 victory over the New York Giants on Sunday.

Not only did the defending Super Bowl champions qualify for the postseason for the third straight year, the Packers (12-0) clinched the NFC North later in the evening when Detroit lost in New Orleans.

The Packers still have a shot at a perfect season because Rodgers was remarkable after the Giants (6-6) tied the game with 58 seconds to play on Eli Manning’s third touchdown pass and a stunning 2-point conversion run by D.J. Ware — a play on which Manning called an audible.

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The Green Bay Packers football team is owned by the people of Green Bay and is a not-for-profit organization. In other words, the theory that profit creates excellence has once again been discredited.

2 Comments to “Proof That Socialism Works: NFL’s Only Socialized Team Is Undefeated!”

  1. Curious whether the players are all paid the same wages or not. Isn’t it supposed to be “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”? While the ownership is not-for-profit, the players, coaches and office workers are not all paid the same. That doesn’t sound like socialism at all.

  2. There is no law against stupidity,….if someone wants to donate for a piece of silly paper,……why not?

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