Another Republican Pervert Busted

by Ben Hoffman

Republican Pervert

Patrick J. Sullivan Jr., a 68-year-old former Arapahoe County Sheriff, has been arrested under the suspicion that he tried to trade methamphetamine for a sexual encounter with an adult male, according to 9News.

Fox31 reports the ultimate irony that the one-time national Sheriff of the Year now sits in a jail that bears his own name — the “Patrick J. Sullivan, Jr. Detention Facility” held on a $250,000 bond.

A SWAT team raided Sullivan’s home at about 4 p.m. on Tuesday after they saw him give meth to another man. An investigation into Sullivan began only a couple of weeks ago on Nov. 17 after authorities were tipped off that he was involved in distributing and using meth, according to the Araphoe County Sheriff’s Office.

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Sullivan is registered Republican. Source

6 Comments to “Another Republican Pervert Busted”

  1. Gotta love the irony of that one. Sick indeed.

    Speaking of irony, I won’t disagree this guy may be a pervert, but I was wondering what drove you to classify him as a pervert. The reason I ask is because on June 24 and 27 2011, you have posts that speak positively about homosexuality. Now, this guy here wanted to engage in homosexuality, which I thought you supported. Does that make you a hypocrite?

    So what makes this man a pervert?

    A. His homosexuality
    B. His status as a republican
    C. His attempt to pay for sex with drugs
    D. All of the above

    I’m sure you’ll say B, and I don’t disagree that repubs are perverts (all men could be considered such to some extent.) But I just found your viewpoint curious.

  2. While we’re on perverted politicians, Democrat Michael Gardner has been charged with molesting 3 girls. I don’t recall seeing that story here.


    • Gardner is accused of committing a heinous crime and if he’s guilty, he should spend a long time in prison. He’s innocent until proven guilty, though, and I have yet to see any solid evidence against him. That’s not the case with Sullivan. Sex with someone 50 years younger is perverted no matter what the gender.

      • I’d concede that. Good point on the innocent til proven…and the 50 years younger. I wasn’t sure about the age range there.

        Thanks for the clarification.

  3. he was also the only pro-gun control sheriff in the State. The recipient of numerous awards from the Brady Campaign.

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