Bill Looman Is Un-American and Used The Marines As A Facade For His Anti-American Activities

by Ben Hoffman

Anti-American loon-man

Bill Looman, or more accurately “loon-man” is a hate-filled right-wing asshole who blames Obama for the problems created by George W. Bush and the Republicans in Congress. He claims Obama ruined the economy but can’t name one of Obama’s policies that has actually hurt the economy. He’s just your typical lying right-winger who supports the fascist takeover of America. Some have made the claim that he’s a racist. Could be. But more accurately, he hates our democracy, hate’s our government, hates the responsibility that comes with a democracy, and would like nothing more than to have an authoritarian fascist regime installed in our country. He’s a piece of garbage and should move to Russia if he likes fascism so much. They’re moving towards fascism at a faster rate than we are.

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