Spam from Tigerrrr express: anybody else out there having a problem with it?

by Ben Hoffman

It is illegal to send out newsletters without allowing the user a way to opt out, but I guess that’s “socialism” to an idiot right-winger. I’ve reported it to Earthlink, where this hate-filled, lying bastard has his email address.

Please spam this email address:


2 Comments to “Spam from Tigerrrr express: anybody else out there having a problem with it?”

  1. Sorry man, I only get the viagra and rolex/louis vutton spam. I’m not sure how I can use viagra, then have a need for a rolex or purse.

    Anyways, louis vutton clashes with my shoes.

  2. Q: How many dupes does Michele Bachmann need in her entourage?
    A: 50. 1 to do the actual work, the other 49 to help her hold the flashlight so that she can find her own ass. (Note: This applies to all GOP dimwits)
    Marine veteran gets on a train, it is totally full except for one seat and this is being taken up by Michele Bachmann’s dog. He asked nicely for her to put her dog on the floor so he can sit down as he has travelled all the way from Afghanistan and is on the last leg of his journey back to his family but she refuses, threatening how she will make sure he loses medical benefits if she gets to be president. So the vet opens the window, picks up the dog and throws it out before sitting down. The guy in the next seat who is reading a newspaper looks up and says “Dude, you threw out the wrong bitch…”

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