Jerry Sandusky is a registered Republican – Who would have guessed?

by Ben Hoffman

Jerry Sandusky, the longtime Penn State defensive coordinator who is facing a 40-count indictment on felony sex abuse charges, is a registered Republican, according to records from the Pennsylvania Department of State:

These perverts are almost always religious Christians and Republicans.

35 Comments to “Jerry Sandusky is a registered Republican – Who would have guessed?”

  1. I don’t think you can say that child molestors are almost always religious Christians, nor have I seen anywhere that the Penn state pervo is a Christian.

    The Catholic priests molesting kids are either not true Christians.

    A true Christian flees sexual immorality (1 Corinthians 5 & 6)

    I’ll post some links that gives possible explanations for the pedophile priests.

    • The Catholic priests molesting kids are either not true Christians.

      Yeah, and Bush wasn’t a “true” Republican.

      Two problems with Christianity: 1. To them, all sex is sin, so pedophilia is just another sin. 2. Jesus died for your sins, so you’re forgiven for all your sins, as long as you believe in Jesus. It’s all a load of crap.

      • Not all sex is sin, read the song of solomon.

        The forgiveness also comes with turning away from and hating sin.

        At any rate, we don’t agree on the second one. I just wanted to tell you that a real Christian wouldn’t molest kids.

    • You might want to read up on your fallacies. They ARE Christians whether you like it or not.

      Go look up “No True Scotsman” fallacy. I

  2. Mr. Hoffman,

    Isn’t NAMBLA an Atheist organization ? Maybe they are not true Atheists .

  3. Mr. Hoffman ,

    See, that is why I come to you when I need fast accurate answers. Now if only you were a car mechanic .

  4. Republicans want less government. Less government clears the way for more abuse of children, mentally, physically, sexually, and spiritually. Republicans and Christians accuse all homosexuals of being child molesters, but we keep finding the child molesters in the Republican and Christian institutions…. so…. of course the Republican/Christian self righteous response, because they are never wrong and can easily dismiss any blatant fact or piece of data, they say that the homosexuals have infiltrated their Republican and Christians institutions and those persons are not actual Republicans or Christians. So not only are Republican and Christian Heterosexual males more likely to be child sexual predators than homosexuals, these self righteous persons are very slippery by nature, almost like a non evolved lizard. So they have evolved physically, just not mentally, and thus is their hatred of science and fact and truth.

    • I haven’t accused homosexuals of child molestation. In fact, I have a good friend who’s a homosexual and he doesn’t fancy boys, but older men.

      another thing, not all Christians are republicans. Repulicanism is as antithetical to Christians as democratism is. Repubs take advantage of the poor, orphans and widows, and take their part in deceiving the nations (with Pharmekeia, Revelation 18). Dems aren’t saints either. Personally, I’m going to write in Captain America for president (along with others) to show how abusrd the whole election thing has gotten.

      Lastly, not everyone who claims to be a Christian ACTUALLY IS. I can go around all day long saying I’m Ben Hoffman, a doctor, or pizza chef all day long. But when you see through my actions that I’m nowhere near as cartoony as Ben Hoffman’s, and I know nothing about medicine or making pizzas, you’ll see I’m actually not what I claim. You’ll see that I misrepresented who I am to make you ASSUME certain things about me, for one purpose or another.

      So to with Christians. If someone claims to be a Christian, then starts an unjust war, or molests a child, or whatever one should critically ponder whether that person is actually what they claim to be.

      I always say it, if you want to see a real Christian at work, read Richard Wurmbrand’s Tortured for Christ. Or Listen to Corrie Ten Boom’s testimony.

    • Don’t confuse good christians with the bad. If a liberal does somthing wrong do you blame all liberals or just find a way to blame conservatives instead?

    • Great analysis. Republicans turn a blind eye to everything they do. Republicans are the true danger to society. Republican Christians rape our children ( repubs don’t see it, how shocking), they lie like it is the truth, and they put people in danger if you don’t agree with them. This same disgusting and blind people go out and Vote for the Mitt Romney/ Ryan’s of the world. We should of course vote democrat and leave these people in hell.

  5. Troy Dean ,

    ” Less government clears the way for more abuse of children, mentally, physically, sexually, and spiritually. ”

    Again, I learn so much every time I come here .

  6. kris,

    We all should speak with those who disagree with us . How else will they learn how wrong they are ? Your friends won’t tell you . Many former Liberals and even Marxists come to their senses late in life . I hold out great hope for Mr. Hoffman .

  7. Mr. Hoffman,

    You are getting older, so how are you moving to the center?

  8. Mr. Hoffman,

    I am waiting for your post claiming that the guy who put two bullets into the White House is a right wing Conservative Christian Tea Party Republican . 🙂

  9. Mr. Hoffman,

    I am saying that it is awful suspicious that you and your cohorts have not gotten some kind of mileage out of this . First off, he tried to kill the President and his whole family. That is racist, so he must be a Republican . Second he was angry, obviously inspired by the hate speech of the Tea Party . Third he used an assault rifle, which means he is a member of the NRA . Yet not a peep out of you . I mean bullet holes in the White House is a big deal and the silence has been deafening .

    From my viewpoint, Obama being shot would be a catastrophe. It would make him a Martyr. We want him thrown out a year from now. Besides President Biden is too horrible to contemplate .

    • Just another overly emotional right-winger. The ones running for president are even worse. And now Cain has taxpayers paying for his secret service protection. Why can’t he hire his own protection? That is extremely hypocritical.

  10. Mr. Hoffman,

    Are you saying that Senator Barak Hussein Obama did not receive the same tax payer perk at this stage of his campaign ? You south paws should know all about hypocrisy.

  11. Mr. Hoffman ,

    ” And I do indeed know about hypocrisy. I see it every day in little right-winger sheep like you. ”


    ” Are you saying that Senator Barak Hussein Obama did not receive the same tax payer perk at this stage of his campaign ? ”

    ” He did not. ”

    ” When then-Sen. Barack Obama was placed under Secret Service protection in May 2007, it was the earliest ever for a presidential candidate. “

    • It’s not the same perk because right-wing trash were trying to kill Obama. Cain has secret service protection from reporters asking him questions. Cain also wants to cut funding for education, heath care, infrastructure, the environment, and everything else that makes America great and at the same time gets funding for political purposes. That is the epitome of hypocrisy.

  12. Clinton, Edwards, Gore, Weiner, Spitzer, McGreavy, Frank, Chu, Jackson, Reynolds….not pedophiles, but sexual predators, or just plain horny-toads…how many of them are Christians?…lol

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