First Presidential Debate to be Held at Rich-Kid University in Denver

by Ben Hoffman

The first of three 2012 Presidential Debates will be held Oct. 3, 2012, at the University of Denver, the Commission on Presidential Debates said today. The event will be held at DU’s Magness Arena.

I’m going to try to get tickets. :)

7 Comments to “First Presidential Debate to be Held at Rich-Kid University in Denver”

  1. Mr. Hoffman,

    So Republicans are all rich guys and kids ? Why no mention of Democrat John Corzine ? Failed Governor of New Jersey. Now his Wall Street firm is going down and maybe taking a few with him . He is a big fund raiser for President Obama. If he were GOP you’d plaster it all over.

  2. Mr. Hoffman ,

    ” I put rich-kid university because it’s very expensive to go there. Over $1000 a credit for grad school. ”

    I hope you are not implying that the education provided by UOD is not worth it ? I thought education was worth any price ? Shouldn’t the taxpayers pay up and shut up for any amount a college decides to charge ?

  3. Mr. Hoffman ,

    It will be easy for you to get into heaven. As a rich Liberal you will have no problem giving away your money before you die to the tax man , right ? That’s how you and your camel will thread the needle. ” Easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to get into heaven.” But the richer you get with your high and mighty college degrees, the harder it gets . A poor uneducated rightwinger like me does not have those kind of troubles. :)

  4. Ben- Over 83% of the students at DU are on some kind of financial aid. They certainly aren’t all rich kids, They come from all over the country and the world to study here, and perpetuating an old stereotype doesn’t help. It’s a much more diverse place than it used to be. DU does a lot for the city and state – cultural events, athletic events, academic events and hosting camps, graduations, and any number of educational and community outreach activities. The school is big asset to Denver, employing thousands, and contributing many graduates each year to the local business community.

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