Veteran shot in the face by police projectile at Occupy Oakland protests

by Ben Hoffman

28 Comments to “Veteran shot in the face by police projectile at Occupy Oakland protests”

  1. There was no need for the Oakland Police to act like this.

  2. Don,

    So you have all of the facts, since you are passing judgement on the Oakland Police ?

  3. There’s also been some sketchy reports that bottles, and M80s was thrown at the police, but really hasn’t been any proof of that happening. Also the chicken shit Mayor of Oakland happened to out of town, when all this was going on.

  4. Don,

    I have a problem with you. Nobody knows the true details, yet you have declared the Police guilty . Until the facts come out, you should refrain from your usual Police bashing . I am sorry for what happened to this veteran and I wish him a fast recovery .

    • Yeah, Alan only likes to jump to conclusions when it’s something that demonizes Democrats.

      • Ben, He likes to do this on every liberal and progressive blogs. He’s always finding fault with what we have to say, but yet he wants us to show graphs, analyzing this or that. Plus Alan, I did not say they were guilty. I said there was no need for them act like this, but you decided to twist around and try to make me look like an ass.

      • The police ALWAYS overreact. I saw that at the Denver protests. Several cops had their fingers on the triggers of their guns and holding their batons, barely able to control their urges to whack someone, while the protesters were doing nothing at all to provoke them.

  5. Don,

    So you did not say the Police were guilty ? You just hinted really strongly, right ? It reminds me of another Liberal who jumped to conclusions that fed his left wing anti Police bias. Now who could that have been ? I can’t remember, but I know he had a beer summit.

    I recommend that you and Mr. Hoffman have your own beer summit. About 5 cases ought to straighten you guys out .

  6. Don,

    I do not have a blog . I frankly do not know where you guys find the time to maintain one. Between my job and family , I simply do not have the time . I was talked into a facebook page and I do a lousy job keeping that current. My relatives are a mixed bag . A few are to the right of me. The rest make you sound like Dick Cheney. The ones who are like you don’t bother to vote . We stay away from politics at Thanksgiving .

    But to get back to your comment.

    ” There was no need for the Oakland Police to act like this.”

    Until I know what happened I reserve judgement on the veteran’s injury, but as far as the Oakland Police, I heard they were being pelted with rocks and bottles. If I threw rocks and bottles at you, how would you react ?

  7. Mr. Hoffman,

    Too soon old, too late schmart.

  8. Mr. Hoffman,

    I am 55 and all my money goes to my daughter’s college so that she can go further than I did in life . Before that my first daughter in college beggared me, then came her wedding . I feel like the Salmon that swam up the river and put all my energies into the next generation . Soon I’ll be lying on the bottom of the creek waiting for the grizzle bear to finish me off .
    If I had any brains at all I’d take up carpentry . There is a lot of under the table money to be picked up there .

    • Don’t you wish you had a little more help paying for college? I believe that anyone should be able to go to college for free as long as they can maintain at least a B average. Think how much better off we’d be as a country if college was free. You could use that money for other things that would help stimulate the economy.

      As far as carpentry, there seems to be good money in finish carpentry. It’s never too late to learn, but it does cost a few bucks for equipment. It’s tough to get ahead without getting into debt, but that’s the American way.

  9. Mr. Hoffman,

    I believe the exact opposite. You should pay for your education. I am not against government loans, but if you made the decision to go to an over priced university and take a subject that has no value in the job market place, Tough Situation.

    As pitiful as my 2 year degree is compared to yours, between my parents and myself, we paid for the whole thing, not even loans . If you get the benefit of the post high school education, then why should your fellow citizens give you education welfare? And what has all of this government education welfare wrought ? An over priced , over fed , fat and greedy university system . Why aren’t the OWS students protesting the universities that over charged them for a worthless education ? Do not ask me to bail them out of their college loans.

    You tell me why universities keep raising their prices ? Many of them have huge endowments, get government welfare, and still they wring money from students and their parents . Then they want me to donate after my kid escapes from them. I don’t think so. The vampires have enough of my blood .

    Why do undergraduates subsidize Masters students . And the undergraduate peons get taught by the Masters students because the aristocratic Professors are busy traveling, writing lofty research papers, and not teaching. The whole system is rotten to the core . Too many people getting things paid for by other people .

    If you want a free college education, join the military. It is why western Europe is collapsing. Too many 50 year old retirees and way too many 30 year old professional college students .

    I disagree with going into debt. I am of the Dave Ramsey school of thought. Besides I am a horrible carpenter. That is just a profession that I know is wanting for people , because I know folks in the profession .

    I think the real difference between us is that I had to raise and educate two kids. You have not mentioned kids so I can only guess you did not have them .

    • I am not against government loans, but if you made the decision to go to an over priced university and take a subject that has no value in the job market place, Tough Situation.

      What about people who go to a state college and study a subject that has a lot of value? Should they be subsidized?

  10. Mr. Hoffman,

    Now I am not afraid of admitting a little hypocrisy on my part. Both my kids went in State and were subsidized to that extent . If they weren’t subsidized, maybe they would have had to take a different option and not gone to that university. And if a whole bunch of people like me could not afford in State college, just maybe these rich universities would, God forbid, have to compete on price for the honor of educating our children. Maybe they would drop their prices. You tell me where all of the freaking money goes!! And the big private universities are worse or those OWS kids wouldn’t be on the streets with college debts as big as a home mortgage .

    And I do not care whether the subject has value or not. I was not happy with either of the subjects my kids took, but they made their choices. One came out with basically a worthless 4 year degree, the other fortunately switched her major .

    If the kid took a major without value and owes $100,000 or more, why should I pay for a bad decision on their part? I think these colleges should give better counseling. They should be liable for the quality of their product . And their product is these kids. I think colleges should be forced to disclose to these kids whether there will be a reasonable demand for them when they graduate .

    And if there is an industry that needs a lot of people in a certain field, then let the rich evil corporations offer scholarships. If a big Chemical company needs chemists, let them offer deals to kids that have aptitude to work for them for a set number of years in exchange for the scholarship.

    Some of these fields of study are worthless. The only job you are then qualified for is to become an instructor in that field to teach another generation of kids who will not find jobs .

    Again, higher education is a big time money racket .

  11. Mr. Hoffman,

    I grew up in Philadelphia. My teams are the Phillies and Eagles. How bout them Eagles? They are good for one blowout win a year . Can’t win a Super Bowl, but once a year they can look really good. 🙂

  12. We are proudly the worst fans in the world. We booed Santa Claus. But then we have had so many teams choke at the end of seasons . It goes back to the 1964 Phillies. I was a kid then and had my little heart broke when they did not win the pennant , after having a big cushion of games . They could not buy a win when it mattered .

    Even though the Eagles beat up on the Cowboys, yesterday at half time, I was thinking , how are they going to manage to lose. I went to bed and today saw they were able to squeak by 34-7. All I can say is thank God, they do not still have McNab. With a 24-0 halftime lead, he would have found a way to blow it in the second half.

    I do not believe Andy Reid will ever win a Super Bowl, but with Michael Vick, at least the team is fun to watch again . If Andy Reid could only have 2 weeks between every game, the Eagles actually would go all the way .

    • Choke? If you look up “choke” in the dictionary, it used to say “see Denver Broncos in Super Bowl.” The old joke was: how many Broncos does it take to change a flat tire? One, unless it’s a blowout… Then it takes the entire team. They got blown out pretty bad yesterday by Detroit. Coach McDaniels traded away Jay Cutler a few years ago, who may very well be a future hall-of-famer. Now we have that idiot Tim Tebow who believes God is going to help him.

  13. You guys have 2 Super Bowl wins, so why are you complaining? Philadelphia has none. They did win an NFL championship , back when Chuck Bednaric played. He was the last of the 60 minute men. That was before my time.

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