Ayn Rand: “Belief in god is a sign of psychological weakness”

by Ben Hoffman

The conservative icon Ayn Rand was an atheist who spoke out against religious people because religion requires faith, which defies reason. She said, “Belief in God gives man permission to function irrationally.”

Rand came from Russia, which explains her hatred of all things socialism, but in her later years, she lived on Social Security and Medicare. Perhaps she changed her mind later in life that some social polices are beneficial to society. Either that or she was a hypocrite.

4 Comments to “Ayn Rand: “Belief in god is a sign of psychological weakness””

  1. I heard she drove on roads too, and I’d put money that she used government postal services. Damn those hypocrites for collecting on something they’ve payed into their whole lives!

  2. Wait a sec! Isn’t being an atheist antithetical to so-called conservative values.

    • Not really. Conservatives have hijacked “Churchianity” to hijack the votes of Christians who don’t have any discernment. I used to be one of those “Republicans are Christians, so I must vote for them” but I’ve actually undergone quite a change in faith.

      I give credit to the Future Quake radio show for giving me insight on the politics of Churchianity.

      I also knew a guy in college who was pretty much an atheist, and he seemed very morally liberal, but was actually conservative and LOVED Ayn Rand. So this kind of destroys the left-right, hegalion dialectical paradigm. Neither side cares about us.

      So, conservatives being “believers in God” is, IMO a stereotype. Unless their god is money, then you are right.

  3. Well, labeling and stereotyping serves no true purpose or benefit. I love Rand’s work, I agree with many of her social-political views and that we must challenge everything but she was far from perfect or being the holder of the truth. I question the ankylosis of institutional religion, I have faith, believe in something but I can reason as good as anyone else. What does that make me? Too bad she’s not here anymore because she’s one of the few people I would love to argue with! In order to understand her message, we must take account of her origin and times. I believe all thoughts are to become obsolete at some point and the only one I am not so sure it will, is Einstein’s theory of relativity but that is reasoning way beyond my ability!

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