Rogue Cop Uses Baton On Demonstrators

by Ben Hoffman

It’s time to end police unions so we can get rid of these bad cops. All it takes is a few bad ones to make the entire force look bad.


23 Comments to “Rogue Cop Uses Baton On Demonstrators”

  1. Mr. Hoffman,

    When did you become anti union ?

    • When did you become anti union ?

      Unions have their place, like with miners and other dangerous occupations, but unions make it too hard to fire the incompetent. That’s also a problem with the teachers union.

  2. One thing I can agree with you on.

  3. ” That’s also a problem with the teachers union. ”

    Blasphemy! The Teacher’s Union is an important part of your coalition .

  4. Mr. Hoffman,

    And you don’t hate anybody either. 🙂

    • No, I don’t hate anybody. You’ve already said that liberals are your “mortal enemy.” That’s hate.

      Now, I’m not very fond of Russians, but I don’t hate them. Well, maybe a little.

  5. Such opprobrium toward the union Ben? They are only doing their job, that is to say protecting the wealthy from the underclasses. If an officer gets measurably out line, then they should be fired, I can I agree on that with certainty. But would removing the union improve the grade of people who want a career in law enforcement, hence the quality of service you expect from your police force?

    A further question, will you have similar objections when the army is called out and they hurt people that are protesting? The coercive apparatus of the state has not even come close to being fully deployed against these people. If they persist I do believe more drastic measures will be taken and I worry about the consequences of further escalation.

    • Actually, most police are decent people, but when you can’t fire the bad ones, the entire force looks bad. We’ve had Denver police murder people in cold blood and didn’t even lose their jobs. It’s crazy. They’re supposed to be “serving and protecting” the public.

  6. Guys,

    My father was a Philadelphia cop, so I have sympathy towards all cops. I am guessing that these occupy Wall Street smelly hippies are deliberately provoking the cops so that videos can be created to be shown on websites, , , like this one.

    My father had to deal with the riots of the mid sixties. The rioters would start fires, then become snipers on the firemen . The cops then had to deal with them The cops worked 7 days a week , 16 hour days. The cops after awhile developed politically incorrect attitudes towards the scum bags they dealt with day after day . They would shoot a looter and just leave them lay.

    Merchants hired private guards who had even less love towards the looters. I am amazed at the restraint the police are now showing towards these wall street mobs.

    • These aren’t the racial riots of the ’60s. These “street mobs” are protesting for our country. You right-wingers killed the American dream, so what do you expect unemployed young people to do when they have no future?

  7. Mr. Hoffman,

    I have pity for the young who are involved. They are pawns . Their elders who are selling them this solution, i have nothing but contempt for . These young currently have no future because these are the same ones who voted Democrat in 2008 . It is easy to mislead the young. When their heads have been filled with crap by their Marxist college professors and they graduate to no jobs and tens of thousands of dollars in debt , they are desperate. Anarchists love desperate young people .

    Once President Obama is unelected, I predict an economic boom . Our next President does not really have to do much of anything . He or she will just have to stop the government screwing America. The rest will take care of itself . The next President will look like a genius. I actually predict a labor shortage in this country with in 3 years .

    This country is being held back by pure stupidity . The Republican governors of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and especially North Dakota, and South Dakota are showing the country how to lower unemployment. In any normal economic cycle , the recovery would easily be in it’s second year. It took a great fool to screw that up .

  8. Mr. Hoffman ,

    ” The economy collapsed under Bush, you idiot. ”

    You’re feeling generous. Anyway, just how far into President Obama’s second term do you think it will be until prosperity ?

    • Well, I’m not sure how much longer Obama can live without a spine, so he’s either going to have to grow one or croak. And the Democrats need to learn how to get their message out, but I’m not holding my breath. So if either one of those things happen, the economy has a chance to recover and grow.

  9. Mr. Hoffman ,

    I was hoping for a prediction. We are both optimistic. You that President Obama has a second term, me that he does not. Either way we are both hoping for better. In case things go your way I was just asking how much longer you believe things will continue to be bad. I expect that in less than a year after an Obama defeat, things will improve greatly.

    Now as to the President’s spine, that ain’t his trouble politically . And his croaking would martyr him, which is the worst of all possibilities. You guys would craft a false legend. I wish him the absolute best of health. Better a live Carter, than a dead Kennedy .

    • Conservatives destroyed our economy. The conservative answer to everything is deregulation and tax cuts, which we have right now, even more so with Obama. If that worked, why isn’t our economy recovering? Oh, let me guess… Obama declared war on businesses (and other mindless talking points).

  10. Mr. Hoffman ,

    ” Conservatives destroyed our economy. ” All by themselves ?

    ” The conservative answer to everything is deregulation and tax cuts, which we have right now, even more so with Obama. ” It worked under Reagan and Bush . And Obama has not followed a policy of deregulation . Can you spell B-o-e-i-n-g ? Can you spell Gibson Guitar ? Can you say Dodd Frank ? Can you splain how minority quotas in Dodd Frank will stop the next Banking crisis ?

    ” If that worked, why isn’t our economy recovering? ” Obama is a socialist. Socialism doesn’t work .

    ” Oh, let me guess… Obama declared war on businesses (and other mindless talking points). ”

    As the late great Ed McMahon used to say , you are correct , sir.

    Obama has declared war on all businesses that do not kick back money to him . You know kick back capitalism, don’t you ? Solyndra, Obama buddy Kaiser, who does not always pay his taxes and is a billionare. Solar Reserve, company of Ronald Pelosi. Now where have I heard that last name before ? Well he is somebody’s brother in law . Then there is SunPower, whose lobbyist, George Miller IV is the son of Rep. George R. Miller III .

    Raise money for Obama and start a solar company. Obama gives you money, the company goes bankrupt, you move ahead of the taxpayers in bankruptcy court, grab your money, and everybody goes home happy.

    And that is why our economy has not recovered . Aren’t you glad you asked ?

  11. Mr. Hoffman,

    Republicans are legally not capable of being fascists . A fascist ” Someone who believes in a totalitarian state rule by a supreme leader (dictator) who controls everything possible and treats people harshly — to gain the leader’s own success “. A fascist ” issues harsh, burdensome, micro-managing, insensitive, or uncaring orders — “.

    President Obama through his bureaucrats issues harsh, burdensome, micro-managing, insensitive, and definitely uncaring orders . President Obama is circumventing Congress with his bureaucrats. Certainly he envies Supreme leader Hugo Chavez.

    ” fascism never works. ” Unfortunately it has worked in Italy, Germany, South America. It is the flip side of Socialism. Both require big government bureaucrats micromanaging their lesser citizens. Kind of like every State where Democrats have run amuck. California, New York, and the Democratic People’s Republic of Maryland . That last one I threw in because it is what my son in law, a hardcore Obama voter calls where he lives. I keep trying to turn him from the dark side. 🙂

    • Fascism is another word for corporatism, which is another word for the Republican party. You support them, so you’re one of the “brownshirts” who are following blindly the authoritarian rule that is destroying our country.

  12. Mr. Hoffman,

    Funny you brought up the Brown shirts. As you no doubt remember , Uncle Adolph lost control of his SA brown shirts. He had to murder their leadership to destroy them . You guys had best be careful with your occupiers .

    • I didn’t know Adolph was your uncle. There have been a few brownshirts at the protests with signs advocating for fascism (Republican policies). Too bad there are people who live here and hate our country that much.

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