Occupy Wall St. Movement Growing

by Ben Hoffman

They may not have a focus at this point, but the message is clear: the system is rigged for the wealthy. Conservatives destroyed the world’s economy in the 20s and did it again in the 2000s. Will we ever learn that the free market fails every time?

The “American Dream” is dead for too many people, but it’s not too late. We’ve been through this before, but things have to get really bad for a lot of people before we can get any real change. That time might be now. You can sit on the sidelines and watch or you can promote change to save our country.


33 Comments to “Occupy Wall St. Movement Growing”

  1. So what is your answer great one if Free Markets and capitalism are evil??
    These protesters are an embarrassment & only stand for laziness, class envy, self-entitlement, & jealously.
    I love how a large group of these selfish drones, are preaching about guaranteed incomes for all Americans, free college tuition, free everything…
    If the Fed Govt is going to provide everything, where is the motivation to #1 go to college, & #2 even work for a living?
    Again, none of this is new, just the latest edition in a long line of whining, cry-baby Liberal Progressives blaming everything on the easiest target (the successful).

  2. Oh wow “strawman” really, are you actually listening to these people? You really can’t make this stuff up Professor.
    And really the “A” double “S”, try & keep it classy I know that is near impossible for you Leftist.
    Look at what conservative policies have done to America?? You just told me, they’ve “destroyed the world’s economy”.
    So please educate me, what is the answer? Soft Tyranny? Dictatorship? Autocracy?

  3. And the US hardly represents an actual “free market” environment anymore (gee thanks to who I wonder…). But it’s never enough for you Leftist is it?
    The rich can never be taxed enough; the welfare state can never be big enough. You pipe dreaming Liberals will never understand your dream of some socialist utopia is just that, a dream, & a pretty lame one at that. It is beyond pathetic with all the opportunity that is still available in the US & still these selfish bitter individuals full of some twisted view of “social fairness” & “social justice” fill the streets of Wall Street of all places.

  4. Oh my goodness, well-regulated capitalism. Stop the press! Call Chris Matthews, get Anderson Cooper on the phone, maybe Bill Maher is available.
    Here’s the answer!!
    I didn’t list that one Professor b/c, (wait for it) we already have “well-regulated” capitalism. Good grief. How more regulated oh enlightened one?
    Capped incomes? Guaranteed incomes? Central Planning? It never ceases to amaze me how the so-called super intelligent, well educated Liberals spilling out of academia simply want to turn everything over to Fed. Bureaucracies. They can fix everything, healthcare, the economy, energy, banking…

  5. Oh right, yea. Darn that free market. Oh and how much did this current President spend on bail outs?
    Hmmm how well did that help the economy rebound? Right. Bush left just too big of a mess for poor Obama to fix in one term
    Again, I’m still waiting for your response on what exactly “well-regulated” capitalism is…? I love your Liberal Hypothetical- “there wouldn’t have been a failure of the banking sector”. Really? What else does your crystal ball show?

    • Looking back we can see that the Consolidated Supervised Entities Program, the Gramm-Leach-Blyley Act, and the Commodities Futures Modernization Act were all major contributes to the fall of our banking sector. There were a few others as well.

      Why don’t you calm down and use that energy to read up on economic issues? You right-wingers are far too emotional.

  6. Right-wingers too emotional? Now that’s funny Ben.
    These lost protesters are a great sample of the modern-day Liberal. How ‘bout they take all that energy, & go home, start paying their student loans back, maybe take some responsibility for their own lives?? I know crazy huh.
    Thanks for the reading material recommendations, but again, still waiting for an explanation of “well-regulated capitalism”.??

  7. That sounds like a response from a brainwashed Leftist. Weird.
    I’m actually still paying off my student loan. If I were you I’d asked for a refund; all your smarts and the best you can offer is “well-regulated capitalism”.
    Now what is that again professor??

  8. Complaining? I think all the complainers are camping on Wall Street.
    In regards to “well-regulated capitalism” are you in agreement w/ Mark Shuttleworth’s version of this?

    • From the article he wrote on his blog, sure I’m in line with his version of it. Left to it’s own devices, capitalism will destroy itself. It’s regulation that keeps it healthy.

      As far as the Occupy Wall Street protesters… Our system is broken. If your house was burning down and nobody was trying to put it out, wouldn’t you try to do something about it?

      We’re deep in debt and nothing sensible is being done about it. Spending cuts put more people out of work, which hurts our economy even more. Some 50 thousand people are being laid off every month from government jobs due to spending cuts. Those people get on unemployment because there aren’t enough jobs, and that means we’re paying people to do nothing.

      Higher education and health care costs are out of control. Too many of our manufacturing jobs have gone overseas. Big business has too much power and the people have no voice any more. We’re pumping trillions of dollars into Iraq and Afghanistan while our infrastructure crumbles. We’re the only advanced nation that hasn’t move to high-speed rail, so we’re stuck sitting in sardine cans when we want to travel.

      And you complain about people who want to make our country work for the people rather than just a few wealthy individuals. Why is that?

      • I not sure why you try. 🙂 But I certainly admire your heart!

        I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that the OccupyWallstreet movement is just a bunch of lazy college students who want nothing more than everything to be free. I will tell you, I have a job and I am also encouraged by the occupy movement. Though there are many voices, I do hear a consistant theme – get money out of politics and bring the political power back to the people instead of corporations. I don’t know about you, but despite not having a grand theme and ultimate solution, I am very glad people are getting involved in the process and using their rights of free speech and free assembly to effect change. 🙂

        Anyway – thanks for the article and thanks for your comments – you must have the patience of job! 🙂 lol ::waves from across the blogosphere. 🙂

    • The Occupy Wall St. protesters are the true patriots. They want to put government back in the hands of the people. The teabaggers support corporatism, otherwise known as fascism.

  9. No doubt our economy is struggling, has been for a number of years. However, I do not agree with your assessment that spending cuts put more people out of work.
    Our economy has never and should never revolve around the number of Government jobs that are available. That is a huge problem; we need more jobs that actually manufacture a good or provide a valuable or much needed service. The administrative state in this country is out of control. The takers simply out number the makers, to put it simply.
    You have to ask yourself, are all these Govt jobs that are funded by the tax payers really necessary??
    You say big business has too much power?? Look at the Federal Govt, that’s one huge business. You contradict yourself stating there aren’t enough jobs in the market and in the same breath attacking the very thing that creates thousands of jobs?

    Not once did you mention the importance of private sector growth & how important that is. High speed rails, fixing a few bridges is not the answer. It’s laughable at best.

    For some reason you on the Left are obsessed with this notion that only Govt can create wealth & opportunity. History proves otherwise, but no matter what you on the Left will simply dig in further & continue the relentless attack on big business, & private industry. And I stand by my contempt for these selfish protesters. Their whole belief system is based around taking that which is not theirs.
    God Help America.

    • Nobody said the economy should revolve around the government. Nobody said only govt can create wealth. Nobody said high-speed rail and fixing a few bridges will fix the economy.

      Do you hear voices in your head that tell you these things? It could be schizophrenia.

  10. Ben, it seems to me that what these people want is for the rich to give most of their income to them so that they can get a free house, food, car, and lifestyle. This concept has already been tried on a small scale in America in the colony of Jamestown. People were asked to work and everyone was given food (that they raised) according to need. When the people who worked really hard realized that the people who didn’t work at all got the same amount, or more, than they did, guess what happened? The hard working people quit working and, eventually, there was not food! People were starving. Fortunately, the colony realized this and changed their focus. People then were required to work for their food. Those that worked hard got more food. This worked! Hello! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

    • Ben, it seems to me that what these people want is for the rich to give most of their income to them so that they can get a free house, food, car, and lifestyle.

      That sounds like a clear case of psychosis. You seem to have lost touch with reality and you should probably see a doctor immediately.

      • No, Ben, I have heard, in different interviews, some of the people protesting on Wall Street say just that. However, my point is a good one. These people want socialism, which does not work!

      • Socialism works great for certain things like our military, national parks, highways, streets, bridges, police, schools, garbage collection, Social Security, and many other things. A free market economy fails miserably every time.

      • Schools and Social Security are examples of socialism working great? You’ve got to be kidding me! Kids are graduating from high school wtihout knowing how to read…..the social security system is broken. I pay into that system and will never see any money from it.

    • Do you truly believe that the rich work harder than the poor in America? The middle class works hard. The working poor work harder. The rich make the majority of their money not by working, but by investing. Somehow we have decided that having money is a virtue that should entitle you to earn more money. That is what is broken about our system. For some reason conservatives get irate about the poor eeking out a dismal existence on their tax dollars, but aren’t the least bit upset over rich people taking advantage of them to get richer.

      • I don’t think I said that rich people work harder. However, have you ever been given a job by a poor person? I am not rich by any stretch of the imagination, but I know people who are. All of them worked very hard for what they have and have actually owned businesses that employ people. Because of our wonderful tax system that actually punishes small businesses (who hire the majority of workers in the U.S.), many of these people are no longer hiring. You say that the working poor work hard, I will agree. The problem with our society right now is that many people have the idea that the government is supposed to pay them while they sit on their butts and do nothing. I pay taxes and I pay for them to sit on their butts, have a bunch of babies to get more welfare (and I know, for a fact, several women who have said just that). It ticks me off that my husband has a job and owns a business so that we can make ends meet. We work really hard. When I drive around town, I see tons of young people who don’t seem disabled at all, just walking up and down the street. Trust me, Mickey D’s is hiring……go get a job. Jobs are out there, some people are just too lazy, or proud, to take certain jobs. I would do whatever job I could find to feed my family, if necessary. So I may be middle class, but I don’t begrudge people who have worked hard for the money they have.

  11. Nationwide there are more than 5 job seekers for every job opening. In light of that, “Go get a job” is insultingly naive. And businesses haven’t stopped hiring because of taxes, the only tax changes since the recession began have been cuts. Small businesses have stopped hiring because GDP dropped through the floor and their customers don’t have any money.

    • First, Republicans complain that Obama hasn’t created jobs, and then they complain that people don’t have jobs because they’re lazy. And right-wingers repeat these mindless talking points just like good little brownshirts.

    • Small businesses are not hiring because of fear of what Obamacare and the tanking economy will do to their bottom line. This finanical crisis we are in is due to many factors. The truth is, Obama is not doing anything to help here. Why are so many companies moving operations overseas? Cause it’s cheaper to do business there. If you make it attractive financially for companies to do business in the U.S., they will. The more businesses who come here, the more jobs are available. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Some people just don’t want to admit that Obama is a socialist and is doing everything he can to change this country into a socialist society. I, personally, don’t want that! That’s why I didn’t vote for Obama and would love for Herman Cain to be president.

      • co, if you followed the news at all, you’d know that the talking points you’re repeating are pure crap. You’re a brownshirt for the fascist takeover of America.

      • Wow, Ben, I really don’t know what to say to such an impressive, intelligent comment…..and you say you’re a professor. That, sir, is crap! Won’t be back here cause you’re not intelligent enough to talk to!

      • I never claimed to be a professor, you delusional nitwit. I’m a software engineer.

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