3,000 People Protest BOfA in Boston

by Ben Hoffman

BOSTON — Police have arrested two dozen protesters for trespassing during a demonstration against Bank of America’s foreclosure practices at the banking giant’s offices in downtown Boston.

“They wanted to be arrested, and we obliged,” Boston police Commissioner Edward F. Davis told the newspaper.

Organizers say about 3,000 people joined the protest.

Bank of America spokesman T.J. Crawford dismissed the demonstration as a publicity stunt.

There was no mention of Bank of America’s planned debit card fees, which recently have generated headlines and frustrated customers nationwide.



3 Comments to “3,000 People Protest BOfA in Boston”

  1. Amen! I’m glad someone protested Bank of America. Bank of America charging its customers to use their debit cards is a foul, cruel, money grab. And in the middle of one of the worst fiscal and economic periods in America’s history. President Obama needs to match the fury of those Bank of America customers.

  2. The banking industry brought us the Great Recession and after being bailed out by taxpayers they start to charge a monthly fee.
    The time is now to take a second look at locally member owned not for profit financial cooperatives aka credit unions!

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