Cowardly N.Y. Police Officer Who Maced Peaceful Protesters is Anthony Bologna

by Ben Hoffman

The Guardian is reporting that Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna also stands accused of false arrest and civil rights violations in a claim brought by a protester involved in the 2004 demonstrations at the Republican National Convention. Then, 1,800 people were arrested during protests against the Iraq war and the policies of president George W Bush. Alan Levine, a civil rights lawyer representing a protester at the event, told the Guardian that he filed an action against Bologna and another officer in 2007.

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2 Comments to “Cowardly N.Y. Police Officer Who Maced Peaceful Protesters is Anthony Bologna”

  1. There were far more protesters than cops. They could have dragged him down and stomped him to death and there would have been nothing the other cops could do about it. That might sound extreme but this isn’t the first time this particular “officer” has been in trouble for excessive force and I’m very militant when it comes to peaceful protests being brutally attacked by police.

    • Yeah, then the media would have covered it. The unions are going to join the protests, which will dramatically increase their numbers. It’s not going to do any good, though. Politicians don’t care what the people think.

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