10 Years Since Bush Allowed Us To Be Attacked – While Bush Vacationed, 9/11 Warnings Went Unheard

by Ben Hoffman

How did the Bush administration allow us to be attacked on September 11, 2001? Bush wasn’t interested in dealing with terrorism.

In an otherwise dry day of hearings before the 9/11 commission, one brief bit of dialogue set off a sudden flash of clarity on the basic question of how our government let disaster happen.

The revelation came this morning, when CIA Director George Tenet was on the stand. Timothy Roemer, a former Democratic congressman, asked him when he first found out about the report from the FBI’s Minnesota field office that Zacarias Moussaoui, an Islamic jihadist, had been taking lessons on how to fly a 747. Tenet replied that he was briefed about the case on Aug. 23 or 24, 2001.

Roemer then asked Tenet if he mentioned Moussaoui to President Bush at one of their frequent morning briefings. Tenet replied, “I was not in briefings at this time.” Bush, he noted, “was on vacation.” He added that he didn’t see the president at all in August 2001. During the entire month, Bush was at his ranch in Texas. “You never talked with him?” Roemer asked. “No,” Tenet replied. By the way, for much of August, Tenet too was, as he put it, “on leave.”

Throughout that summer, we now well know, Tenet, Richard Clarke, and several other officials were running around with their “hair on fire,” warning that al-Qaida was about to unleash a monumental attack. On Aug. 6, Bush was given the now-famous President’s Daily Brief (by one of Tenet’s underlings), warning that this attack might take place “inside the United States.” For the previous few years—as Philip Zelikow, the commission’s staff director, revealed this morning—the CIA had issued several warnings that terrorists might fly commercial airplanes into buildings or cities.

And now, we learn today, at this peak moment, Tenet hears about Moussaoui. Someone might have added 2 + 2 + 2 and possibly busted up the conspiracy. But the president was down on the ranch, taking it easy. Tenet wasn’t with him. Tenet never talked with him. Rice—as she has testified—wasn’t with Bush, either. He was on his own and, willfully, out of touch.

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5 Comments to “10 Years Since Bush Allowed Us To Be Attacked – While Bush Vacationed, 9/11 Warnings Went Unheard”

  1. Bush, allowed us to be attacked and then decided God sent him on a mission to kill people whom were innocent of that crime, start a war in a country that didn’t commit the acts, didn’t rebuild the towers, spent trillions on his wars which helped to destroy our economy and didn’t even capture the man that perpetrated those acts of 9/11. Now they blame Obama for all the problems and he actually captured the guy that perpetrated the acts of 9/11.

    All our problems caused by superstitious minded christian republicans that love to blame and hate others for the problems they themselves cause. They would rather destroy the country than allow Obama to be successful or give him credit where credit is due.

  2. lets not forget that Bush started a war based on lies.

    • lets not forget that Bush started a war based on lies.

      At a cost of trillions of dollars and 100s of thousands of lives, nobody’s ever been prosecuted for the lies. There has never even been a serious investigation into how they got it so wrong. Congress spent $60 million investigating Clinton’s private life but this they just kind of brushed to the side like it wasn’t important.

      • It is amazing how they get away with so much evil (Christian Love). Destroy our country in a few years of spending trillions and attempting to push their God on the rest of us. Thankfully, their God is slowly dying and we may be headed towards a country that holds EVERYONE accountable for their actions.

  3. Because they were all in on making the decision dumbass.

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