Washington’s $120 Million Martin Luther King Memorial Unveiled Today – MADE IN CHINA!!!

by Ben Hoffman

More than 25 years in the making, the granite memorial features a 30-foot-tall statue of King on a landscaped parcel on the northwest shore of the Tidal Basin, just southwest of the World War II Memorial.

Sculptor Lei Yixin, who attended the opening with his son, who acted as his translator, declared himself satisfied.

“This is my most important project. Not hardest, most important,” he said in Mandarin. He added that he hopes visitors notice first the expression on Dr. King’s face, “looking forward,” and then his hands.

Congress approved the project 14 years ago. In 2007, the foundation was criticized for choosing the Chinese sculptor Lei Yixin instead of an American artist. The next year, the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts, which reviews plans for monuments and memorials, complained that the “colossal scale and Social Realist style” of the King sculpture “recalls a genre of political sculpture that has recently been pulled down in other countries.”

The Chinese crew who installed the monument work for a sculpting company in Hunan province and have no idea what they will be paid for their work on the King memorial. They expect to be paid when they get home.

The translator asked: Why did the workers agree to not being paid until they return to China?

Because they are working for “national honor,” the man said. “To bring glory to the Chinese people.” He said the workers felt patriotic pride in having been chosen to work on the King project. He said they knew that there were Americans who wanted their jobs, didn’t get them and were mad that the Chinese did.

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20 Comments to “Washington’s $120 Million Martin Luther King Memorial Unveiled Today – MADE IN CHINA!!!”

  1. How about, some “national honor” and “to bring glory” to the American people, the American flag is tearing apart at the seams.

  2. Personally, I think it’s funny as hell! Ol’ Ben copy and pasted what he wanted out of the article, leaving out the main part of it; the Stonemason Union workers got their panties in a wad because they were going to get about $44.00 an hour to do the project. You see, even stuff like this gets “outsourced” when you let your ‘greed exceed your need’.
    The left has no idea what “national honor” is; maybe this will be a learning experience for them, though it’s doubtful.

  3. Great catch Cry and Howl. Ben UsneakydevilU, covering for Unions greed. Just as steel and so many other industries, Unions are heavily responsible for the exporting of American jobs. Liberals, just following the Unions over the cliff! Bad thing is its pulling America over right along.

  4. No, you dipshits are defending the outsourcing of American jobs to China, which has helped destroy our economy. This isn’t about unions; this is about America. You right-wingers could care less about our country.

    • Actually, it’s been exessive corporate taxation and regulation that have chased jobs away from America, that and excessive wages/benefits/entitlements secured by various labor unions, pricing US labor out of the global market. You liberals don’t view business, especially successful ones, as groups of hard-working people. No, you see them as ATMs, a source of Other People’s Money you can spend on you various liberal do-gooder Government programs, programs which only foster dependence on Government ad entitlement mentality, rather than actually help people become self-sufficient.

      That is what’s destroying America.

      • Actually, it’s been exessive corporate taxation and regulation that have chased jobs away from America, that and excessive wages/benefits/entitlements secured by various labor unions, pricing US labor out of the global market.

        Huh. Corporate Taxes have gone down.

        The US should completely strive to win the race to the bottom to exploit as much labour as possible because the more people you have in wage slavery, the better your country will be right?

    • BAAAAMMMPPP! Gotcha on that one! The job wasn’t outsourced “dipshit” … they brought the workers over here. You probably didn’t even read the article you used because the whole thing was about the union workers crying that the memorial foundation found someone that would do the work at a fraction of the cost. Narry a mention about the union wokers doing it for “America”. The Chinese workers are the ones that did the work, not even knowing what they were going to be paid, because of their national pride. Americans, especially “left-wingers” ie union workers should take note as to what “national pride” really is. Sneakydevil hit the nail on the head.
      What I couldn’t care less about is a bunch of Left-wing union cry babies. They’re the ones forcing company after company to get quality labor at a fair wage via outsourcing.

      • Nope, it was made in China and installed here.

        Face it, you right-wingers support the destruction of American jobs. You cheer when somebody loses their job here or if their benefits get cut. You’re waging class warfare on middle class America. The middle class is what made our country great and you celebrate its demise. You’re as un-American as they come.

    • I agree with you “dipshit”, outsourcing is helping to destroy our economy. But, you have to know the outsourcing of jobs is in huge part due to Union workers over-the-top pay and benefits demands, which in return drive companies to go over-seas to get work done cheaper. Yeah many companies are greedy, but Unions are greedy too, booth should be held accountable. It is about Unions, they helped kill Pittsburgh steel mills, American electronics, lumber mills, “widget” manufacturers and so on. Why can’t we agree on that?

      • Why can’t we agree on that?

        Because it’s not true, for electronics, anyway. The problem is not that American workers were underpaid; it’s that manufacturers are able to use labor in China and pay them just a few dollars a day. That’s communist China. COMMUNIST. We’re helping out a communist country with a long history of oppression and abuse of its people. We need tariffs on goods made in communist China to help bring jobs back to America. There’s a tech boom going on right now, but we’re not seeing the jobs because they’re being created in communist China.

        You right-wingers are only against socialism and communism when you’re told to be. When it’s a real issue, you’re on the sidelines waiting for your marching orders.

  5. Mr. Hoffman ,

    Unlike a lot of right wingers I believe President Obama more than deserves his vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, or wherever it is .The man is doing a hell of a job . He is on vacation, we have an earthquake and the stock market rallies 300 points . When he was not on vacation and gave speech after the downgrade the Dow lost 600 points . Again he is doing a hell of a job. I just hope he plays enough golf in order for Ghaddafi to be killed.

  6. Mr. Hoffman ,

    “Obama’s Fault.”, I’m impressed. That’s not bad .

    You must forgive me for being off topic, got carried away, by the earthquake. But the topic is American jobs to China, right ? I heard that GE, the President’s favorite Corporation, will now be helping the Chinese to build jets so that they can compete against Boeing . Since the President hates Boeing, those American jobs that Boeing will eventually lose are no big deal .

    If Obama lets that happen it will be his fault . Jeff Immelt is President Obama’s best buddy . Where is your outrage ? These are not low paying peon jobs like what I labor at . These are high paying upper middle class jobs. The kind of money that you make .

    Oh and the technology that GE will be forced to give the Chinese will help the People’s Air Force to match the US .

  7. The Arbourist ,

    ” Huh. Corporate Taxes have gone down.”

    Please document your time frame . My information has the US Corporate rate at 38.7 % in 1990 and 39.2 % in 2010 . I would leave a link to this information, but I have have been threatened with deletion if I post any links .

  8. The Arbourist ,

    I don’t want to argue apples and oranges . I said corporate tax rates, you might mean total corporate taxes paid . Since the economy is in recession I’m sure in real terms corporate taxes paid are down .

    Mr. Hoffman,

    Where I get the numbers I posted, you would not like it, trust me .

  9. Ironic. As he neared his death, Dr. King focused on the economic plight of blacks in America. Chief among his concerns was their unemployment rate. And now, instead of having Americans build the statue, the work was outsourced to another country. Pathetic. Incredibly sad.

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