Teabaggers Cheer the U.S. Credit Downgrade

by Ben Hoffman

Those people are crazy.

29 Responses to “Teabaggers Cheer the U.S. Credit Downgrade”

  1. They cheer the fact that the Tea Party is getting the blame for the down grade, which demonstrates how weak of an argument the left has. An organization that’s barely 2 years old being responsible for the $trillions of debt … how freaking lame. You really should at least make an attempt to stop misrepresenting this sort of thing. Try sticking to the facts (gasp!) … oh that’s right, facts don’t matter. Just name calling (Teabaggers)

    • They’re cheering the collapse of America. Right-wingers hate America.

    • The “Tea Party” isn’t really a party its the Republican Party in drag after the GOP-led disaster of 2008. So to make things clear…. The same stupid bastards that looted the U.S. treasury for eight years and left the United States of America nearly bankrupt are cheering, yes cheering, for another crash in the US economy.

      Even while 8 out of 9 of these dumb _ing teabaggers sit there with hair grey enough to indicate they’re collecting Social Security and Medicaid they are cheering for the destruction of the very nation that has nurtured them so far and has committed to nurturing them through their retirement years.

      If the policies they advocated for other citizens were applied to them they’d be sitting in the dust in an Oklahoma field with no hat and a short hoe with instructions to work until the sun went down or the buzzards finished them all off.

      All because Obama is black because it sure as hell isn’t because his policies have veered a mere 4 degrees to the left of George Bush.

      • It’s not that Obama is black; it’s just that he’s not a radical right-wing religious nut. Right-wingers hate our democracy. They hate that sometimes their party is not in power. Just look what they did to Bill Clinton.

      • Let’s not get this all twisted. The Left-wing for decades has wanted nothing but to change America. Progressives don’t like America, hence ‘progress’ to something other than what we have, ‘Capitalism’.

        Who are left wingers? Left wingers are those that are rioting London, rioting at G6 Summits, thumbing nose to authority, bashing pies in the face of people they don’t like, challenging religious freedoms of Christians(hell it appears they don’t like God), lambast in class warfare, calling a crucifix in a jar of urine, ‘art’, who deceive young voters, force feeding homosexuality to kids, fine with killing unborn humans (i.e. save a whale but kill a child), pushing sexual freedom(even to our kids). It seems to me based on the definition of hedonism; ‘progressive – left wingers’ seem to be devoted to that philosophy.

        Left wingers want America to change into the Netherlands or worst, San Francisco! Thas right an ‘Idiocracy’.

      • I’m amazed that UsneakydevilU can distinguish individual events in that stew-pot of resentment he’s been boiling for thirty years. Adam Smith wouldn’t call our current economic arrangement “Capitalism” as he had a particular disdain for “rentiers” who live on the labor of others without contribution. Nobody has nailed down exactly what the political affiliation of the London rioters is since they seem to be a somewhat inchoate group. You “Christians” can worship as you please in your churches but forget the lessons of The Reformation; church plus state equals war. It’s only class warfare when we fight back. It’s christian pastors that get caught butt-banging little boys. A crucifix is an icon and shouldn’t be worshipped; see your own bible. Sexual repression sucks worse than sexual freedom and breeds more disease. Abortion on demand is a social good as unwanted babies become unwanted adults. You’re for capitalism but against hedonism? Come again?

        And Yes!! Left Wingers want America to be more like the Netherlands where there are no homeless citizens. Free medical care. Social support for the unemployed. Lots of bicycles. Less STD’s due to comprehensive sex ed. Free college education for any citizen who can pass the courses. Three times the vacation days Americans get. And happier to boot.

        San Francisco; not so much.

      • Who are right-wingers? A picture is worth a thousand words…

  2. Right Left-wingers hate America.

    Fixed it for you.

  3. Mr. Hoffman ,

    Did you see the recall results in Wisconsin ?

  4. Mr. Hoffman,

    I do admire you glass is half full outlook. I can’t wait to watch Ed Schultz tonight. The poor guy was so emotionally invested in you guys taking back power . I guess with inflation, $ 35 million doesn’t go as far as it used to.

  5. Mr. Hoffman ,

    I apologize for my appalling lack of clarity. The $ 35 million was what the unions and their allies spent on the recall. Mr. Schultz was just the head cheerleader .

  6. Mr. Hoffman,

    Glass still half full. The problem is those were short term jobs that are now gone. If those were ‘ my ‘ union dues I’d be angry. Wait, they probably were .

  7. Alan, if these guys, Ben and Pangolin weren’t serious, their way of thinking and comments would be comical. The absurdity of it all is staggering. I’ve got to feature these comments on my blog today, as I think rational thinking people forget just how ridiculous the left really are.

  8. Is the GOP promoting the removal of social safety nets and changing the age of Social Security retirement to 70 or not?

    The GOP promotes policies which result in formerly working people reduced to homeless in the streets.

  9. Anonymous,

    I agree, I just love the challenge .

  10. I see you Pangolin, UsneakydevilU, your arrogance shines through. A few points:

    1. With Capitalism, a poor boy from the ghetto can become a wealthy man(George Foreman from my hood),
    2. BBC reporter nailed it down, while interviewing two London looters, the two boasted that they were showing police
    and “the rich” that “we can do what we want”, interview here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14458424. Left-wingers;
    if it walks like a duck, quack likes a duck, it’s a left wing liberal. An active former left winger myself, I know the
    3. “You Christians” is almost as insulting as “You People”. Awwhhh, the old Reformation argument, I’ll give you that but I
    raise you a wealth of charity and good done by Christians and the Church for centuries. Do you believe any group
    gives more and more freely than Christians? Matter of fact, you’ve made me want to give an extra couple hundred in
    church this Sunday, thanks!
    4. FYI, every pastor is not a good Christian; some are evil or liberals in sheep’s clothing. But to point to sexual
    deviances of pastors and ignore the bigger percentage of rape done outside the Church, just shows liberals will
    through a whole religion under the bus to prove their own worth. Homosexual men everywhere perform statutory
    rape on young boys at such a high rate but liberals ignore that cause that proves something may not be quite right
    with their logic.
    5. Who said worship the crucifix, I’m implying a crucifix in jar of pee is not art, it’s pee in a jar, don’t tell me otherwise.
    6. When I hear ‘sexual repression sucks’, I think Gooo hedonism! A liberal adults loves nothing more than teens not
    repressing their sexuality, that’s easy pickens for them. I always thought to ask, who really wants and wins from
    sexual freedom in America, hedonistic men.
    7. And yes, I’m for capitalism and against hedonism. Capitalism gave me a chance to rise from poverty, hedonism gives
    me an STD.
    8. And please stop with wanting America to be the Netherlands. Big difference, America 313,232,044 people and
    heterogeneous, Netherlands, 16,847,007 people and homogeneous. Netherlands doesn’t have an illegal immigration
    problem and even better The Netherlands make it very difficult to migrate there. Free medical, great for their size,
    but free medical for 313,232,044 people and an open border to Mexico, spells country collapse. Come on, free
    college for such a huge population of American students, high school economics taught you better than that, right?

    ‘You People’, think you are sooo smart! Got so much to say but lunch break over, back to Capitalism to support myself, my family and “those other people”. Guess I have to do what I have to do!

    • Your free-market capitalism brought us the Great Recession with millions of jobs lost. Your free-market capitalism put the price of health care and college out of reach for a large percentage of the population. Your free-market resulted in millions of manufacturing jobs leaving America and going to third world nations.

      Your free-market capitalism has destroyed our country.

    • What a mess that is eh?
      We’ve got several uses of the “No True Scottsman” fallacy.
      The Horatio Alger myth. (what happened to everyone else in your “hood”)
      A survey with a sample size of two. (statistics fail)
      The much discredited “charitable Christian” myth. (neglecting the “charity” they give to is their social club)
      Art criticism: “It’s not art because I said so dammit.”
      A nice strawman argument on sexual repression.
      An incomplete definition of hedonism that implies the only pleasure in life is sex. (repressed much?)
      Oh, and my favorite: “The U.S. can’t work as well as the Netherlands because we got brown people” strawman. (racism much?)

      • I see you have gone to the dark side and I know, it’s hard to see logic or reason in the dark. The one comment I can make from your attempt to satisfy the cross you bare is, being that I’m “brown people” (obviously you didn’t get that from the George Foreman from my hood comment), you took my Homogeneous vs. Heterogeneous comment and twisted it to suit you. It is well researched that Homogeneous, Ethno-Nationalism nations like the Netherlands have a sense of shared blood and have a strong sense of kinship, which makes nationalism and social programming easier. In America we don’t have that and will never have that, we are a nation of other nations, too many groups jockeying for position. The number of people in comparison is the main point, but you jumped that and went to calling me, a black man, racist. Imagine me shaking my head in discuss.

      • Ah, the Thomas Sowell, patented “I’m can’t be supporting racists because I’m black” argument. Clarence Thomas uses that too. I suspect a lot of Toms use that argument but it doesn’t wash. Especially when you’re using the “we can’t have national health care cause we’re racist” argument at the same time.

  11. Ben and Pangolin forgive the weird format in my reply to Pangolin, it was a copy and paste job that didn’t look that way before sent.

  12. As a founding member of our local TEA party I for one am not surprised that we were down graded. Now ask me why? Do not assume to understand/explain that which you will not hear or see.


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