Massive Spending Increases Under Obama? Not So Much.

by Ben Hoffman

Here are the numbers for U.S. discretionary spending (in trillions):
2008: $1.179
2009: $1.492
2010(est.): $1.247
2011(est.): $1.264

Non-discretionary spending has increased dramatically due to massive increases in unemployment benefits payouts, thanks to the Republican Great Recession.

Right-wingers like to use spending as a percentage of GDP because it fits their agenda. If spending remains unchanged but GDP decreases, spending as a percentage of GDP increases, so it’s not an honest argument.

15 Responses to “Massive Spending Increases Under Obama? Not So Much.”

  1. An often overlooked (and frequently disguised) fact. Great post. I’m adding you to my blogroll, by the way. I hope that’s ok. Cheers.

  2. This website is quite comical to say the least. I love checking these typical Leftist sites b/c you liberals all sound the same. I mean I knew you all read from the same Obama talking points but I didn’t know you all shared a common backbone. GDP is lower today than what is was in 2007. And I love the quote you guys include refering to Jesus and “helping” out the poor by the not-so informed S. Colbert. Liberals speaking on this subject is laughable. No where in the Bible does it speak of a Centralized Govt taxing its people into oblivion in order to “help” the poor. Americans on their own donate millions every year to help the less affluent.
    In 1965 the poverty rate was 14%; today after almost 50years of countless trillons of tax $$ the poverty rates its at 14.3%.

    • Ha, you little sheep! You got those talking points from Bill O’Reilly. And they’re lies.

      The poverty rate — the percentage of Americans whose income is lower than the federally determined poverty line — was 17.3 percent in 1965, not 14 percent. For 2009, O’Reilly is correct — the rate was 14.3 percent.

  3. With all due respect Mr. Hoffman I have 2 ears, 2 eyes, and my own mind. Not a huge fan of Mr. No-Spin. So you are say poverty has indeed dropped some 3%?
    So in your estimation the War on Poverty is a success?
    You believe the Fed Govt can manufacture prosperity by taking $ from the well-off and distribute it to the less affluent? I am all about having a compassionate country but this “entitlement philosophy” is and has been bankrupting America. When will it be enough? More money in the pockets of the Fed Govt is better than more money in the pockets of the private citizen, and business owner??

    • You’re nothing but a little right-wing sheep, brainwashed to spit out those talking points, no matter how irrelevant they may be to the discussion.

    • “You believe the Fed Govt can manufacture prosperity by taking $ from the well-off and distribute it to the less affluent?”

      It worked in 1935 why don’t we give it another go? Because taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich seems to manufacture economic Depression.

  4. Thank you for your typical Liberal response to someone who simply disagrees w/ your leftist Ideology. Off to the weekend now. I hope you have a great one & I look forward to revisiting this Monday.

  5. Mr. Hoffman,

    What did you think of our S&P down grade ?

    • Well, on one hand, it’s a complete repudiation of conservative ideals. On the other hand, these are the same idiots who gave subprime-backed securities their AAA ratings, so who gives a crap what they think?

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