Was Jesus Behind the 9/11 Attack?

by Ben Hoffman

Often, murderers leave clues at the scene of their crimes, and this is especially true of mass murderers. On September 11, 2001, terrorists, believing they were following Gods will, hijacked four airplanes and flew two of them into the N.Y. Twin World Trade Centers. Nearly 3,000 people died in the attack.

While clearing the debris, construction workers uncovered what appears to be a giant steel cross, which may be a clue to who was really behind the attacks. About a year after the attack, Jesus told George W. Bush to invade Iraq and go after the terrorists, who were from Saudi Arabia and planned the attack from Germany. Could it be part of Jesus’s grand plan to destroy America?

It’s very plausible that Jesus, with the help of his father, God, convinced the Muslims to carry out the attacks in the name of Allah (another name for God) so that we would attack Afghanistan and Iraq, which would bankrupt the U.S. It also spread fear and hatred throughout our land and resulted in the destruction of our economy by convincing the addle-minded to vote for Republicans, who are as insane as the people who flew the airliners into the World Trade Centers.

So the “cross,” known now as the World Trade Center Cross, could very well be a clue intentionally left by Jesus and God to let us know who was really behind the attack.

2 Comments to “Was Jesus Behind the 9/11 Attack?”

  1. Weigh your words Mr. Hoffman.

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