Obama’s Approval Rating Hits 53% – America Loves Someone Who Will Stand Up For What’s Right

by Ben Hoffman

President Obama’s current job approval rating for May 22-24 is 53%. That’s his highest since Feb. 12-14, 2010 — more than 16 months ago. His previous high this year was 52%, reached at several points earlier this month after the May 1 announcement of the successful raid in Pakistan that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden.


Obama is showing a bit of a spine with the debt negotiations. The vast majority favor a balanced approach to balancing the budget. We know that cutting spending at a time of high unemployment will result in people losing their jobs, and it will exacerbate the problem. We also realize that the government is bloated and would like it to be more efficient. We don’t want our tax dollars going towards corporate welfare. We’re tired of dumping trillions of dollars into Bush’s wars. We love our country and are willing to sacrifice in order to make it great. We want America to be exceptional again, which means fixing the problems created by Republicans. Republicans want a government that works for corporate interests. The majority of Americans want a government that works for the people.

3 Responses to “Obama’s Approval Rating Hits 53% – America Loves Someone Who Will Stand Up For What’s Right”

  1. American respects a President who stands up to whiny, obstinate bullies like Boehner and the rest of his puppets of the Tea Party. And we’re hearing from the average American – not the top 2% of the wealthy – they’re firmly entrenched up the backsides of the R’s in Congress. The average American sees that you can’t balance the budget – balance, mind you – by cutting everything that affects them, while leaving the very wealthy and corporations untouched. We’re waiting for our jobs to come back while the Republicans and TP’s are burning down Rome.

    • You’re absolutely right, SDS. It’s all about their simple-minded right-wing ideology: taxes=bad, government =bad, free market=good. They don’t consider what’s best for our country.


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