What could be wrong with Bob? (Hint: Bob’s a Conservative)

by Ben Hoffman

By priernet
I once knew a guy who talked about building a machine using an electric generator and an electric motor connected in such a way that the motor would spin the generator and the electricity it generated would power the motor. He further suggested that through a belt and pulley arrangement the wheels on a go-cart could be turned to move the go-cart along. He was adamant that his theory would work. Unfortunately he did not have the manual skills or financial backing to build a model.

Bob has stopped talking about his perpetual motion powered go-cart. Today he is a Tea-partier proclaiming that reducing taxes for everyone making more than $400,000 a year, continuing corporate welfare to the oil companies, and cutting Medicare while privatizing Social Security will end unemployment, eliminate the deficit, and fill the government’s tax coffers.

Bob elects and blindly supports legislators that make foolish pledges that limit any innate intelligence, judgment, or problem-solving ability they could bring to their job. Bob is too busy and ill-equipped to understand or keep up with the political issues. He is easily confused and will likely continue to fall prey to the Tea Party blather and vote against his own best interest.

The debt problems facing our nation are serious, yet Bob’s heroes, in blind defiance, are refusing to take a balanced approach to dealing with the issues. If they keep this up we all lose, even those making more than $400,000 a year will suffer significant loss.


3 Comments to “What could be wrong with Bob? (Hint: Bob’s a Conservative)”

  1. Now that I’ve read you, I understand your comment to me. Any and all sides of an argument may use logic. The presence of logic alone doesn’t make an argument right or wrong. It just makes it logical. In your case, you’re just plain wrong, though you are welcome to your opinion.

  2. People will vote against their best interest when they are told not to do is unpatriotic (and everyone wants to believe they are a flag waver even when they really aren’t). People will vote against their best interests when they are constantly told to be afraid of a boogey man under the bed that doesn’t exist and who is taking their jobs, their guns and gonna kill their grandma. If people would tell the truth for a change, as hard and painful as it sometimes is, this country would be the great nation of educated people who kick ass in medicine, technology and innovation the way we one were back in the 60’s with the space program, working steel mills and manufacturing – when we actually MADE something here instead of buying it cheap from some Asian oppressed country. Obama pisses me off cause he just stands there, sounds like a college lecturer and lets the Repubs walk all over him. Sometimes ya need to grow a pair and say it like it is in simple one syllable words these fools can understand. Bulworth – where are you?

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