Conservatives Are Destroying Jobs In America

by Ben Hoffman

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minnesota’s state government shutdown is causing a big problem for brewing giant MillerCoors.

The state has told MillerCoors it needs to pull its products from stores, bars and restaurants statewide because of a licensing problem caused by the shutdown.

Department of Public Safety spokesman Doug Neville said Wednesday that MillerCoors’ “brand label registrations” with the state have expired. The employees who process renewals were laid off when state government shut down July 1 in a budget dispute.

Neville says Chicago-based MillerCoors LLC has been told to come up with a plan for pulling its products in a few days.

MillerCoors officials didn’t immediately return messages from The Associated Press Wednesday.



3 Comments to “Conservatives Are Destroying Jobs In America”

  1. It wouldn’t surprise that the Koch Brothers are behind the shenanigans in Minnesota.

    Its time that the American people told the Kochs to go to hell, and enough their silly bullshit.

  2. The real truth is liberals have practically destroyed America, trying to turn the US into Europe. We have more debt per capita than most European Union members. Obama completed the Unionizing of the auto industry, leaving retired Indiana teachers in the cold. Union and liberal thuggery at it’s worst. Last night’s Dem convention was all about idol worship and definitely not about solving our nation’s woes. The proof is in the pudding. The states with Republican governors have balanced budgets and substantial job growth. Meanwhile CA, IL, NY and other lib states continue to raise taxes, driving businesses out. The spiral downward is so obvious, and yet, the liberal faithful continue to worship at the Obama alter, while Rome continues to burn. Wake up people! Governor Walker was absolutely correct in everything he’s done.

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