Fascism Rising in America: Kansas To Shut Down All Abortion Clinics Friday

by Ben Hoffman

It’s official. Every abortion provider in the state of Kansas has been denied a license to continue operating as of July 1. As we reported last week, strict new state laws put in place this month threatened to close the remaining three abortion clinics in Kansas. The staff of one of these facilities, a Planned Parenthood clinic in Overland Park, initially thought their operation could survive the strict new standards. But on Thursday afternoon, Planned Parenthood announced that the Overland Park clinic have thus far been denied a license to continue operating—effectively cutting off access to legal abortion in the entire state. Read more…

The majority of abortions are performed on poor Blacks and Hispanics, so banning abortions will increase the poor Black and Hispanic populations, requiring more welfare, increasing crime, and accelerating the rate at which whites become a minority in the U.S. Read more…

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