Progressives Are Today’s Patriots. Conservatives are Loyalists

by Ben Hoffman

When our Founding Fathers fought for our independence, they were standing up against the tyrannical rule of the King George III and the power of the church. America today is ruled — not by the people — but by large corporations and the Christian Church.

As did England in the 1700s, we now use mercenaries to provide a great deal of our security and fighting forces. Those mercenaries are provided by large corporations with multi-million dollar contracts. When Washington crossed the Delaware River in 1776, he didn’t fight the British army; he fought mercenaries: the German Hessian soldiers.

The Church today dictates many of our laws. Take away religion and you take away the argument to ban abortion. Religious fanatics want the Bible taught as science in our schools. They want to take away funding for Planned Parenthood. They have dictated laws and that is in direct opposition to what is explicitly stated in our Constitution.

Our Founding Fathers were part of the Enlightenment Movement — also called the Age of Reason. That was a movement away from religion. It promoted intellectual interchange and opposed intolerance and abuses in Church and state. Those who fought for America’s independence would have been against the teaching of Creationism as science. They would have embraced the science of global climate change. They would have wanted us to be the leaders of renewable energy technologies.

The Loyalists in of 18th century America supported British rule and oppression by the Church. Today, conservatives support a plutocracy and laws dictated by the Church, which is even more dangerous. The merging of corporations and government is fascism.

Conservatives are today’s Loyalists. It’s time we took our country back — we being the people.

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