Keith Olbermann Returns This Evening

by Ben Hoffman

Keith Olbermann will be back on the air this evening at 8:00 Eastern time — this time on CurrentTV. More than anyone, Olbermann is the voice of the Democratic, middle class, Baby Boomers in America.

The middle class made our country great, but it has been on the decline since 1981, with the exception of the mid to late 1990s. It’s never been tougher to move from the lower class into the middle class, thanks to conservative policies.

Most of the manufacturing jobs, that at one time paid decent wages, are now in Communist China. Years ago, the majority would have been outraged that another country was destroying our economy — especially a communist country. That outrage would have been shared by Republicans and Democrats alike. Now, right-wingers have been brainwashed to believe that it’s okay for our jobs to go overseas if it will help big business, so only the Democrats are left fighting for our country. And we’re not winning.

So it’s good to have Keith back. He’s on Current TV, which will make the show especially hated by right-wingers since it’s is owned by Al Gore.


5 Comments to “Keith Olbermann Returns This Evening”

  1. I’m really pissed I don’t get current on my cable. Hoping I’ll be able to view it online, live or later.

    By the way Ben, been wanting to mention that this site is just rocking. The new layout is really really working now. It’s like yoiu’re publishing an actual paper!

  2. Keith Olbermann is the Glenn Beck of the left. He is strictly partisan and will only be watched by leftest fanatics. So – there is no difference between he and Beck. They are just opposite sides of the same coin.

    • Sorry olemike, you might compare Olbermann’s STYLE to perhaps Hannity. Partisan for sure, but no a revialist demagoge like Beck. Also, Olbermann is smart and uses great big words. Who have Beck’s TV guests been? A bunch of no name guys he digs up and then builds them up to some sort of pretend status. Love it when he has his ‘historians’ and ‘rabbis’ and ‘professors’ on.

    • There is no left-wing equivalent to Glenn Beck. Or Hannity, for that matter. They lie to promote the conservative agenda. Liberals don’t need to lie. The truth about conservatives is bizarre enough. 🙂

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