Help For Distressed Communities Must Be Balanced With More Tax Cuts For The Wealthy (not a parody)

by Ben Hoffman

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) implored his Republican colleagues on Monday to abandon their “filibuster” and allow the Senate to move forward on job-creating legislation.

“The American people wait while the Republicans filibuster,” said Reid.

Reid was referring to about 90 mostly non-germane amendments that Republicans have filed on the Public Works and Economic Development Administration (EDA) funding bill that is currently pending on the Senate floor. The sheer number of amendments, combined with an apparent unwillingness for cooperation in reducing their number, makes it likely the underlying bill will die on the Senate floor when it faces a cloture vote Tuesday afternoon.
Reid read a list of several amendments Republicans have called up that included a wide array of topics such as immigration reform, E-Verify, the estate tax, right-to-work laws, gainful employment regulation, endangered species and light bulbs. Reid said the fact that only one amendment actually deals with the EDA is an indicator that Republicans don’t care about job creation.

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The funding in question is for $175 million, which is about what Bush’s Afghanistan/Iraq wars cost us every 9 HOURS.


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